Customizing A Cremation Urn

When choosing a cremation urn, everyone wants to find a beautiful memorial that celebrates the life of his or her loved one. Engraved Urns

You want an urn as unique as your loved one, and while it can be difficult to find an urn that lives up to this goal, customizing the urn can help to set it apart and make it a fitting resting place that showcases the personality of the departed.

Engraved and Inscribed Urns

One of the simplest ways to customize an urn is to get professional engraving, preferably from the company that sells the urn. Funeral urn companies tend to be familiar with the different materials for urns and have a better idea of how to set an attractive inscription or engraved picture on their materials than a third-party engraver. This ensures a consistent look and an accurate reproduction of text or a picture, regardless of the urn’s material or other qualities.

Most urns can be engraved quickly, as engraved urns are a popular option among the bereaved for creating a unique tribute to the departed. A tasteful inscription can add to the beauty of a person’s final resting place and carry on their memory. Families can show the humor or the wisdom of a loved one with the right quote or summarize the impact that the departed had on the lives around him or her.

Choosing an Engraving

There’s no wrong inscription for an urn, as long as the material and size of the inscription is taken into consideration. A quote from the departed, a favorite passage from a book or Bible, or a simple line describing the departed can make an urn a fitting tribute. Some urn companies can also engrave a picture, either of the departed or of something significant in the person’s life, depending on the urn. A picture effectively customizes an urn and can look especially beautiful when set in bronze or another fine metal.

Customized Urn Designs

Urns are available in a wide variety of designs, and many family members decide to match their urn choice with the hobbies, career or interests of the departed. Theme urns can also be combined with an inscription to show part of a loved one’s personality and to celebrate what was most important to him or her.

For example, sports urns can be a great choice for an athlete or a lifelong fan, either with a simple design that represents the sport or an engraving of a team logo. A great inscription could be a memorable quote from the departed, either related or unrelated to the theme of the urn.

Cremation urns are available for music lovers, sports lovers and others in tasteful options that show some aspect of your loved one’s life. Urn for ashes materials include wood, glass and metals, which provide different visual qualities for a memorial.

An urn can be a delicate symbol that provides immense comfort in a very trying time. Its purpose isn’t just to hold the remains of a loved one; it’s a loving way to keep their memory close. Customizing an urn with different materials, designs and engraving is an excellent way to create a beautiful memorial with the quality and unique appearance necessary to help loved ones through a difficult part of life.