Small Urns Make Heartfelt Statements

Little urns are small scale versions of more traditional sized urns, designed to be tokens of affection and symbols of remembrance that several family members can share. These small cremation urns are designed to house a small amount of cremains, lock or hair or other cherished item, so the memory of the departed can live on in several places and remain with all who loved him or her. They are ideal for distributing ashes of a loved one across great distances and among several close family members or friends.  There are many styles and options available, and each person can choose the one that means the most to them.

Small Brass Urns
Smallature replicas of classic style brass urns make a lovely gift for families to share. Brass urns are highly durable, non-degradable and can last for hundreds of years without a change in appearance, creating a lasting family heirloom for generations.

Music Box Urns
Music box urns are thoughtful keepsakes that hold a small amount of cremains or a lock of hair. These warm, sentimental keepsakes play touching tunes such as Amazing Grace or Unchained Melody and can be personalized with a photo or favorite phrase to create a lasting memento.

Angel or Fairy Keepsake Urns
Hand designed tiny porcelain angles or fairies look nothing like traditional urns and create lovely, lasting keepsakes. These sweet creatures will make you smile as you recall fond memories of your loved one.

Small Sports Wooden Keepsake Urns
Beautiful handmade wooden urns can be customized with your loved ones favorite sports icons such as golf, tennis, soccer or football and engraved with a personal plate. These small urns are complementary to full size urns of the same style and allow several family members to share similar tributes to someone they love.

Small UrnSmall Heart Shaped Urns
Heart shaped urns that fit in the palm of your hand create a heartfelt and sentimental statement. These small keepsake urns can be filled with a loved one’s cremains, crushed flowers or lock of hair to create a loving memento. They also make profound gifts for family members.

Jewelry Keepsake Urns
Jewelry keepsakes are the tiniest, yet most deeply personal urns of all. These treasures come in necklaces of varying styles such as lockets, pendants and crosses that are filled with small portions of a loved one’s cremains, worn close to the heart. Jewelry pendants can also be displayed in small glass and wood cases to be kept at a bedside or other special place of remembrance.

Although small in size, these urns hold the same, if not greater, meaning…honoring the memory of a loved one. These keepsakes allow many people to share in the memories, paying tribute to the life and legacy of someone they all loved.

Customizing A Cremation Urn

When choosing a cremation urn, everyone wants to find a beautiful memorial that celebrates the life of his or her loved one. Engraved Urns

You want an urn as unique as your loved one, and while it can be difficult to find an urn that lives up to this goal, customizing the urn can help to set it apart and make it a fitting resting place that showcases the personality of the departed.

Engraved and Inscribed Urns

One of the simplest ways to customize an urn is to get professional engraving, preferably from the company that sells the urn. Funeral urn companies tend to be familiar with the different materials for urns and have a better idea of how to set an attractive inscription or engraved picture on their materials than a third-party engraver. This ensures a consistent look and an accurate reproduction of text or a picture, regardless of the urn’s material or other qualities.

Most urns can be engraved quickly, as engraved urns are a popular option among the bereaved for creating a unique tribute to the departed. A tasteful inscription can add to the beauty of a person’s final resting place and carry on their memory. Families can show the humor or the wisdom of a loved one with the right quote or summarize the impact that the departed had on the lives around him or her.

Choosing an Engraving

There’s no wrong inscription for an urn, as long as the material and size of the inscription is taken into consideration. A quote from the departed, a favorite passage from a book or Bible, or a simple line describing the departed can make an urn a fitting tribute. Some urn companies can also engrave a picture, either of the departed or of something significant in the person’s life, depending on the urn. A picture effectively customizes an urn and can look especially beautiful when set in bronze or another fine metal.

Customized Urn Designs

Urns are available in a wide variety of designs, and many family members decide to match their urn choice with the hobbies, career or interests of the departed. Theme urns can also be combined with an inscription to show part of a loved one’s personality and to celebrate what was most important to him or her.

For example, sports urns can be a great choice for an athlete or a lifelong fan, either with a simple design that represents the sport or an engraving of a team logo. A great inscription could be a memorable quote from the departed, either related or unrelated to the theme of the urn.

Cremation urns are available for music lovers, sports lovers and others in tasteful options that show some aspect of your loved one’s life. Urn for ashes materials include wood, glass and metals, which provide different visual qualities for a memorial.

An urn can be a delicate symbol that provides immense comfort in a very trying time. Its purpose isn’t just to hold the remains of a loved one; it’s a loving way to keep their memory close. Customizing an urn with different materials, designs and engraving is an excellent way to create a beautiful memorial with the quality and unique appearance necessary to help loved ones through a difficult part of life.

Photo Engraved Urns Add a Personalized Touch

Photo engraved urns are gaining popularity as more people today choose cremation.  This is especially true when loved ones are planning to put the urn on display in their home, office, or even a private area.  Photo engraved urns add a personal touch and sentimental value; each time you view the urn of the deceased, you will be reminded of the love you shared and the good times that were enjoyed.

All urns are beautiful; some people choose to bury their loved ones urn, some choose scattering urns if the deceased expressed their wishes to be scattered in an area they particularly enjoyed or spent a lot of time at, such as a lake or mountain.  Those who choose to keep the memorial in their home may choose photo engraved urns, simply because they are beautiful and have deep meaning.

There are two ways in which photo engraved urns are created.  A printed picture may be displayed on the urn with a frame, or it can be engraved in to the surface.  Typically, this process can be done on an urn that is crafted of marble, wood or brass and the results are exquisite.  There is something very special and heart-felt about having a loved ones picture engraved on an urn, and it often helps loved ones keep an image in mind of a time when their loved one was vibrant and healthy.

Those who choose photo engraved urns can rest assured that the results will be exquisite as skilled craftsmen engage in custom creations every day.  When you want something out of the ordinary to memorialize a loved one, there is quite simply nothing that rivals an urn with a photo on it.

Nothing can bring a loved one back, and while the pain of losing someone you love is always there, it does subside a bit over time.  For some, photo engraved urns serve as a constant reminder of a loved one who has gone on; they may also help in beginning the healing process, so that in the future as you reflect on the departed you can do so with peace in your heart.

How to Find a Wonderful Urn for the Ashes of a Loved One

There are a plethora of urns for ashes available when a deceased love one is cremated. No longer do you have to choose a basic burial urn that lacks in design or style. When someone you love passes, you want to show them respect by choosing a design that suits their tastes or reflects something they loved in life.

People choose to be cremated for many different reasons, one of which is cost. Your loved one may decide long ahead of time they want to be cremated, and they may even consider their urns for ashes options. It makes the entire process easier on those left behind when someone takes care of these arrangements beforehand.

Traditional funerals using a casket for the body are usually very expensive. Unless the deceased paid for the costs in advance or has burial insurance, the family can be left with a huge financial burden. Cremation is much less expensive, and just as respectful to your loved one. In fact, many people choose burial urns for ashes and bury them underground just as caskets are. They can then place a headstone to mark the place where their loved one is buried.

When it comes to style and design, there are so many choices it may make your decision tough. From ceramic, brass and wood urns to those especially for children or a beloved athlete, you will find the perfect urn for your loved ones ashes. There are also pendants, necklaces and keychain urns that allow you to keep a little of your loved one close to you at all times.

Hourglass keepsake urns are the ultimate symbol of the passage of time. These are especially beautiful, and will certainly become a family heirloom that will be passed down generation after generation. This is a perfect way to combine the cremains in the unfortunate event that you lose more than one loved one.

Many people who loved the outdoors during their life desire for their ashes to be scattered when they die. If someone you love was one who enjoyed being on the ocean fishing or sailing, their are scattering urns made just for this purpose, and many are biodegradable. Many urns for ashes that are the burial type are also environmentally friendly, and are made of totally safe materials. Unlike metal and other materials that some caskets are made of, these will decompose naturally over time into the earth.

Losing a young person or infant can be especially hard. There are special urns for these types of circumstances. Teddy bears, wooden urns decorated for boy scouts, and “In My Arms” are all choices that are appropriate for a child who has passed.

No matter the age or gender, when a loved one passes and cremation is chosen, you want something extraordinarily special. There are many urns for ashes to choose from, and one is certain to meet the standards of beauty and taste your loved one who has gone on so richly deserves.

Cremation Based on Your Personal Choice and Belief

Cremation is now being preferred by more people over the traditional way of burying the remains of their deceased relatives and loved ones. It is the process of turning the remains of the deceased into fine ash-like matter by using extreme heat. In the cremation process, the body of the deceased will be put in a cardboard box or a coffin made of highly flammable material. The crematorium or the place where the process will take place is usually located near a funeral home or a chapel. A furnace will be used to cremate the remains. Then the remains will be pulverized to obtain a fine and ash-like state or condition. What are referred to as ashes are not actually ashes, they are ground up bone. All of the body, except the bone is completely burn off the bone. After the process, the remains or often called cremains, can be put in an urn or any kind of container and then will be given to the closest relatives.

Though cremation is now being practiced by people in many parts of the world, there are still some who are against this practice. A person’s religion or personal belief is the main factor that affects their view and opinion regarding cremation. There are some religions that are against cremation and there are also some who believe that this is the right thing to do. Some historical events that involve cremation failure and problems are also affecting some people’s belief about this practice.

Cremation is by far more environment-friendly than traditional burials. Moreover it is more affordable for the the survived to go forward with cremation vs burial. In traditional burials, you will have to purchase a piece of land from a cemetery or a memorial park and this will cost you a considerable amount of money. You will also have to spend money on expensive coffins. With cremation, all you have to purchase is a small urn or container where the remains will be put. These urns for ashes are wonderful memorials for the bereaved and can draw a connection between a loved one and their final resting place. If you want to bury the urn with the remains in it, it will only require a small space.

Most people prefer to scatter the ashes of their deceased loved ones in a place where their memories will linger. They say that this is a better to remember their loved ones because they will always remain or stay in that place. Relatives usually consider scattering ashes in one of the most favorite places of the deceased or the place where the deceased usually spend a long time. Some of the most common places where ashes are being scattered are parks, forest, or bodies of water like river, lake, or sea. Some people believe that scattering ashes will be the best way to return to Mother Nature.

With all the cremation issues and controversies, it will all still depend on a person’s own choice, belief, and preference. You are free to decide about what you want to do with your remains. It would be better to make plans early just to be prepared because no one really knows when he would really leave this world. Pre-planning ensures that you are getting exactly what you want when you die and we really value this approach.

Cremation Urns for Burial

Often individuals would like to be buried with their loved ones. One of the most versatile way commonly chosen methods is to have the person who passed cremated, so that they may more easily be inserted near their loved one. This is also popular because of the more reasonable cost of cremation and the space it may take up in the cemetery. Often, cremation urns are placed over the heart. There are several burial urns that can be chosen to best fit your memorial needs. Generally we see cremation urns that are buried are made of brass or wood. This also is supported by the more affordable costs of these urns. For more information on burial urns and these processes, call us at 800-757-3488.