Modern Memorial

Cremation memorials were most often simple, classic shaped vases in which a person’s ashes were stored, protected, displayed and passed down through generations. Although the traditional vases are still used, keepsake cremation jewelry is one of the many new memorial forms that are becoming increasingly more common.

Today families can even choose a combination of classic and modern styles for a memorial. A loved one’s ashes can be stored in a more traditional urn, and the ashes can also be shared in keepsake cremation jewelry among relatives across distances. Cremation jewelry filled with tiny portions of a loved one’s ashes enables multiple family members to always keep a loved one close at heart. Cremation jewelry makes an especially loving and special tribute for siblings to honor a parent or grandparent, or parent for child.

Cremation Based on Your Personal Choice and Belief

Cremation is now being preferred by more people over the traditional way of burying the remains of their deceased relatives and loved ones. It is the process of turning the remains of the deceased into fine ash-like matter by using extreme heat. In the cremation process, the body of the deceased will be put in a cardboard box or a coffin made of highly flammable material. The crematorium or the place where the process will take place is usually located near a funeral home or a chapel. A furnace will be used to cremate the remains. Then the remains will be pulverized to obtain a fine and ash-like state or condition. What are referred to as ashes are not actually ashes, they are ground up bone. All of the body, except the bone is completely burn off the bone. After the process, the remains or often called cremains, can be put in an urn or any kind of container and then will be given to the closest relatives.

Though cremation is now being practiced by people in many parts of the world, there are still some who are against this practice. A person’s religion or personal belief is the main factor that affects their view and opinion regarding cremation. There are some religions that are against cremation and there are also some who believe that this is the right thing to do. Some historical events that involve cremation failure and problems are also affecting some people’s belief about this practice.

Cremation is by far more environment-friendly than traditional burials. Moreover it is more affordable for the the survived to go forward with cremation vs burial. In traditional burials, you will have to purchase a piece of land from a cemetery or a memorial park and this will cost you a considerable amount of money. You will also have to spend money on expensive coffins. With cremation, all you have to purchase is a small urn or container where the remains will be put. These urns for ashes are wonderful memorials for the bereaved and can draw a connection between a loved one and their final resting place. If you want to bury the urn with the remains in it, it will only require a small space.

Most people prefer to scatter the ashes of their deceased loved ones in a place where their memories will linger. They say that this is a better to remember their loved ones because they will always remain or stay in that place. Relatives usually consider scattering ashes in one of the most favorite places of the deceased or the place where the deceased usually spend a long time. Some of the most common places where ashes are being scattered are parks, forest, or bodies of water like river, lake, or sea. Some people believe that scattering ashes will be the best way to return to Mother Nature.

With all the cremation issues and controversies, it will all still depend on a person’s own choice, belief, and preference. You are free to decide about what you want to do with your remains. It would be better to make plans early just to be prepared because no one really knows when he would really leave this world. Pre-planning ensures that you are getting exactly what you want when you die and we really value this approach.