Jewel-Style Keepsake Urn Necklaces

keepsake jewelryExpressing yourself after the loss of a loved one can be difficult. Jewel-style keepsake urn necklaces give you the chance to adorn your exterior with the shining memories of your lost loved one. Not only are these urn keepsake necklaces functional, but their brilliance represents the vibrant personality that once lit up your life. Glittering stones like amethyst, crystal, cubic zirconium, mother of pearl, black onyx and even created diamonds set in lovely designs allow you to carry your loved one with you always. These gorgeous necklaces come in high-quality materials such as gold vermeil and silver and allow you to choose the style that best suits your personal tastes.

According to ancient Egyptian belief, the wearer of amethyst is protected against guilt and fearful feelings. It is a comforting thought to know that an amethyst keepsake urn pendant will not only allow you to carry your loved one with you wherever you go, but also have the notions of antiquity that you are being shielded from negative emotions. The amethyst keepsake pendant urn comes in gold vermeil and silver, so you can match it to whatever precious metal inhabits your jewelry box.

Healing, wisdom, clarity of thought, positive thoughts, harmony, and love are all said to be promoted by wearing a crystal. Their healing power has been appreciated by Hindus, indigenous Australians, Mayas, and Native American tribes. Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystal or not, their iridescent beauty is undeniable to the beholder. This clear option will allow cremains to be subtly visible inside of the pendant. The crystal is accented by a silver chain, and one model is accented with aqua crystal beads.

Cubic Zirconium
It has been said that cubic zirconium brings happiness, strength, energy, and promotes sounds sleep. When enduring the emotionally and physically draining experience of losing a loved one, these aforementioned benefits may be of assistance in the grieving process. Stylish and sophisticated designs like hearts, swirls, wheels and crosses allow the wearer to reflect his or her own personal style while simultaneously honoring the deceased.

Mother of Pearl
Oriental traditions and Chinese culture point to mother of pearl as being a source of prosperity and luck. It is a comforting thought to believe that carrying your loved one with you in a mother of pearl keepsake urn pendant will bring you good fortune by keeping him or her in your daily life. This opalescent material reflects light and color to create an ever-changing range of pigments. You can express your individuality with classic charms such as butterflies, dragonflies, crosses, palm trees, hearts and crosses.

Black Onyx
Perhaps the most appropriate stone for memorial jewelry is black onyx. This stone is said to be ideal for assisting in the process of letting go while keeping your mind focused and on-task. The deep, rich beauty of this black stone sharply contrasts with the glimmering finishes of silver or gold vermeil that are used to encase it, resulting in an exquisite look.

We can all agree with Robert Ludlum when he said, “The most precious jewels are not made from stone, but from flesh.” However, these stones can help keep the memory of a lost loved one alive in a small, glimmering symbol of the dearly departed. With hope, a jewel-style keepsake urn necklace can serve to assist in the healing process, and remain a treasured family heirloom for generations to come.