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Funeral AdviceWe are giving away a free iPhone 4 to one reviewer of our mobile application Funeral Advice.

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In the Light Urns has released a mobile that application that helps families during their time of loss. The application is filled with information about losing a loved one and provides a great deal of insight to the inner workings of the funeral industry. After losing a loved one it can difficult to make all the funeral decisions. Many times, families will choose someone with funeral experience, that has lost a loved one and has been part of planning a funeral. But if you have not been part of planning a funeral, the amount of choices and information is great and a little help is very nice. So In the Light Urns has created a mobile application on Android and the iPhone that helps with these difficult choices.

The application includes steps that should be taken after losing a loved one such as: contacting everyone and meeting. Funeral Advice also gives general funeral information, which can be helpful when making choices such as planning green burial or cremation. There are some general funeral etiquette questions that people may have and that is discussed in At the Funeral. Several common phrases of sympathy are listed that give you well constructed statements that can help communicate your feelings. Also included in Funeral Advice is two short films that illustrate Funeral Celebrations and Green Burial. These films capture some of the industry leaders’ instruction and advice. Joe Sehee of the Green Burial Council talks about what is green burial and Glenda Stansbury from Insight Books discusses Funeral Celebrants. These videos give a concise and clear description of each subject and are very helpful to view before planning a funeral. And after learning about funerals, there is also a shop to find pricing on caskets and urns.

It’s very important to help families that have lost a loved one and we work hard to ensure that we are bringing a great deal of value to our customers and community. Our goal at In the Light Urns is to help you after losing a loved one. In order to do that we must continue to provide excellent products and services to our customers. Launching this mobile application is an initiative to continue to be a leading provider of information to familes that have lost a loved one and also fulfilling our commitment to help those in need. Our values make it very important to us to do all we can to help. We are dedicated to families and our industry and take great reverence in our work. Working hard to be a pillar for your during a time loss In the Light Urns will continue to provide excellent and complimentary information about funerals and cremation.

We have chosen to provide application free of charge, so that it can help as many people as possible. Written by funeral professional and host of Funeral Director’s Chat Nancy Burban, Funeral Advice has a great deal of important information. We are very pleased with the launch of this mobile application and encourage you to download it. Also if you review the application, you are eligible to win a new iPhone. Currently the application has five stars on the iPhone after 10 reviews. There are few reviews and chances of winning the iPhone are not bad, so review the Funeral Advice application now.