Small Urns Make Heartfelt Statements

Little urns are small scale versions of more traditional sized urns, designed to be tokens of affection and symbols of remembrance that several family members can share. These small cremation urns are designed to house a small amount of cremains, lock or hair or other cherished item, so the memory of the departed can live on in several places and remain with all who loved him or her. They are ideal for distributing ashes of a loved one across great distances and among several close family members or friends.  There are many styles and options available, and each person can choose the one that means the most to them.

Small Brass Urns
Smallature replicas of classic style brass urns make a lovely gift for families to share. Brass urns are highly durable, non-degradable and can last for hundreds of years without a change in appearance, creating a lasting family heirloom for generations.

Music Box Urns
Music box urns are thoughtful keepsakes that hold a small amount of cremains or a lock of hair. These warm, sentimental keepsakes play touching tunes such as Amazing Grace or Unchained Melody and can be personalized with a photo or favorite phrase to create a lasting memento.

Angel or Fairy Keepsake Urns
Hand designed tiny porcelain angles or fairies look nothing like traditional urns and create lovely, lasting keepsakes. These sweet creatures will make you smile as you recall fond memories of your loved one.

Small Sports Wooden Keepsake Urns
Beautiful handmade wooden urns can be customized with your loved ones favorite sports icons such as golf, tennis, soccer or football and engraved with a personal plate. These small urns are complementary to full size urns of the same style and allow several family members to share similar tributes to someone they love.

Small UrnSmall Heart Shaped Urns
Heart shaped urns that fit in the palm of your hand create a heartfelt and sentimental statement. These small keepsake urns can be filled with a loved one’s cremains, crushed flowers or lock of hair to create a loving memento. They also make profound gifts for family members.

Jewelry Keepsake Urns
Jewelry keepsakes are the tiniest, yet most deeply personal urns of all. These treasures come in necklaces of varying styles such as lockets, pendants and crosses that are filled with small portions of a loved one’s cremains, worn close to the heart. Jewelry pendants can also be displayed in small glass and wood cases to be kept at a bedside or other special place of remembrance.

Although small in size, these urns hold the same, if not greater, meaning…honoring the memory of a loved one. These keepsakes allow many people to share in the memories, paying tribute to the life and legacy of someone they all loved.

Using Flowers To Decorate A Cremation Urn

flower-arrangement-urnFlowers brighten up a room no matter what form they take. They can be real ones in a vase, silk flowers in a jar, or flowers gracing an urn. True, it may seem a little strange to talk about flowers on an urn; but the sad reality is, death is a part of life, and what we do with our bodies in death is something we have to deal with while we are alive. More and more frequently, people are opting to have themselves cremated instead of buried for various reasons. So, why have cremains sitting in a plain wooden box or in a dull bronze urn on a shelf? Using an urn that is decorated with flowers puts a positive spin on its symbolization, one that cancels out the contents within. However, flowers mean so much more than an accent.

Throughout our lives we find that flowers play an important role. They are given as gifts for a special occasion, sometimes to say “I love you,” marking a special moment in life, and simply just because. A bouquet, however, goes beyond making a statement. Flowers are traditionally associated with femininity – they are delicate and beautiful, but harbor a hidden strength. Naming our female children after flowers reinforces this association with femininity, and placing the cremains of a dear female relative into an urn with a floral design keeps this tradition solidly associated with women.

Looking in from the outside, keeping someone’s ashes on the shelf can seem a bit peculiar. It has become a meme that appears time and time again in films, usually used as part of a story in a comedy. It truly is time to put a different spin on the idea of keeping someone’s ashes in an urn. In The Light Urns has brought memorial displays into a new era with styles that reflect the living personality of the deceased. Celebrate the deceased’s life with a work of art as a repository. Unique urns offer a positive way to change how we view safekeeping the cremains of a loved one.

Modern society has a tendency to keep death at arm’s length as we embrace longer life spans and benefit from advances in medicine. It makes us uncomfortable and the subject gets swept under the rug. As we age, we have to become practical and start thinking about what is going to happen to our physical selves after we pass. Then, there comes the time when observing the wishes of a close relation have to be carried out. As mentioned before, cremation is becoming a popular option. Urns that break the mold have come onto the market to bring the concept into a new realm.

Think about this: cremation offers something that burial cannot. We can keep our loved ones with us in a form that can bring comfort. There is no grave site that requires planning a visit to and graveyards are not always a pleasant place to visit. In The Light Urns offers the opportunity to personalize the urn in a way that brings a smile instead of tears. We want to remember our loved ones in happy times. Using an urn that turns a delicate matter into a light hearted, positive conversation piece can put relatives and friends at ease when honoring and reflecting upon the lost life of a loved one.

Photo Engraved Urns Add a Personalized Touch

Photo engraved urns are gaining popularity as more people today choose cremation.  This is especially true when loved ones are planning to put the urn on display in their home, office, or even a private area.  Photo engraved urns add a personal touch and sentimental value; each time you view the urn of the deceased, you will be reminded of the love you shared and the good times that were enjoyed.

All urns are beautiful; some people choose to bury their loved ones urn, some choose scattering urns if the deceased expressed their wishes to be scattered in an area they particularly enjoyed or spent a lot of time at, such as a lake or mountain.  Those who choose to keep the memorial in their home may choose photo engraved urns, simply because they are beautiful and have deep meaning.

There are two ways in which photo engraved urns are created.  A printed picture may be displayed on the urn with a frame, or it can be engraved in to the surface.  Typically, this process can be done on an urn that is crafted of marble, wood or brass and the results are exquisite.  There is something very special and heart-felt about having a loved ones picture engraved on an urn, and it often helps loved ones keep an image in mind of a time when their loved one was vibrant and healthy.

Those who choose photo engraved urns can rest assured that the results will be exquisite as skilled craftsmen engage in custom creations every day.  When you want something out of the ordinary to memorialize a loved one, there is quite simply nothing that rivals an urn with a photo on it.

Nothing can bring a loved one back, and while the pain of losing someone you love is always there, it does subside a bit over time.  For some, photo engraved urns serve as a constant reminder of a loved one who has gone on; they may also help in beginning the healing process, so that in the future as you reflect on the departed you can do so with peace in your heart.

Soccer Fan Memorial Urn

A Fitting Tribute to a True Soccer Fan

Soccer Cremation Urn For those who are soccer fans, world cup fans (or even played the game passionately,) the Soccer Ball Case Memorial Urn is a wonderfully fitting tribute.  There’s no better way to memorialize a soccer fan with excitement and passion for the game.

More and more, people are foregoing traditional burial in a casket and choosing something a bit more personal.  For those who were truly passionate about either playing the game or watching soccer being played, this urn at $makes the perfect memorial.  Crafted of cherry by professional craftsmen, this beautiful urn is a warm and loving tribute to someone who truly loved and enjoyed the game.

All types of sports are hugely popular today.  Many who play the games are so dedicated and live it every minute of every day – it’s in their blood.  Even for those who enjoy just watching from the sidelines, soccer and other sports are an important part of life.  When you lose someone who was so full of life, so passionate about winning or even rooting for their favorite team, it is truly tragic.  The Soccer Ball Case Memorial urn is an urn that is extremely personal, because you place the actual soccer ball of your loved one inside a protective acrylic case that sits atop the magnificent cherry wood urn.

This urn allows the cremains or ashes of a loved one to be added through the bottom, and displayed wherever you like.  A brushed brass plate on the front of the urn can be engraved with your loved ones name, a favorite saying, or anything you like.  If your loved one was a true sports fan, a sports urn is the perfect final resting place, as it demonstrates your love for that person, as well as your respect for a sport they loved, lived and breathed in life.

For those of you who are passionate about soccer, it’s never too early to prepare for what lies ahead in life.  Whether you have lost someone who loved the game of soccer or are a world cup fan yourself who just wants to be prepared, the Soccer Ball Case Memorial Urn is stunning.

New Sand Cremation Urns from In the Light Urns

New Sand Cremation UrnsCremation urns come in a variety of materials, designs and cost ranges.  Now, In the Light Urns offers exquisite sand cremation urns such as the Sand Pebbles Natural Sand Art Urns.  The simple elegance of this urn lends to its modern appearance.

These beautiful sand cremation urns are sculptured by French Canadians at Artisans du Sable, and perfect for displaying in your home; they can also be used for land or water burial.  In the home, these urns will last a lifetime and will not break down.  If used for land or water burial, these distinctive urns will break down over time, which demonstrates they are more environmentally suited than some other types of urns.

The sand cremation urns we offer are designed to hold 200 cubic inches of cremains, but keepsakes are also available and will hold 2 cubic inches.  Our Footprints in the Sand Natural Sand Art Urn is beautiful as well, and represents the popular poem regarding Jesus carrying a loved one during times of trouble or sadness.  These urns are smooth and sculpted to perfection, a wonderful memorial to a loved one who has passed.

Traveling has become quite a hassle when it comes to the airlines.  Our line of cremation urns are TSA approved, meaning that they can be scanned so that you can carry them on board.  These urns are allowed as carry-on baggage, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of placing the ashes of your loved one in a temporary container when you travel.

Another of our sand cremation urns is the Sand Pebbles Natural Sand Art Urn, which has been named “Piedra” by the artists that sculptured this simple yet elegant urn.  These beautiful memorials have pebbles on the top, which lead the eye down a line containing more gray pebbles.  Everyone sees things in a different light, but we view the pebbles running down the side of this urn as a person gently slipping over to the other side.  These urns represent deep meaning for many who have lost loved ones.

If you are looking for a lasting tribute that is set apart from the normal urns you find, our memorials are unique and stunning.  When only the best will do for someone you loved to the depths of your heart, these original artworks offer simplistic, natural beauty.

Gold Cremation Jewelry is An Elegant and Lasting Memorial

Gold Cremation JewelryWhen a loved one passes, there are many different ways people process their sadness, grief and loss.  Everyone is unique, and must do what feels right for them at such a sad and heartbreaking time in their life.  Gold cremation jewelry is an option for those who are searching for a way to keep the memory of their loved one alive and near to their heart.

When you lose someone that touched your life in a way that no one else could, it’s hard to let go.  You want to stay connected to them, even though they are no longer here in the physical sense.  Gold cremation keepsake jewelry allows you and other members of your family to feel a connection both spiritually and mentally.  For some, it truly helps get closure so that the healing process can begin and they can move forward with their lives.

If this is your first time learning about cremation and the various keepsakes, jewelry and urns that are available for the ashes of your loved one, you may believe that gold cremation jewelry would have a strange or unattractive appearance.  Quite the opposite is actually true.  This jewelry looks like other beautiful gold jewelry, with elegant styles and designs that hold a small portion of your loved ones cremains or other memento.  Do people know you are wearing something that is not ordinary jewelry?  No one but you will know – it is a secret held closely between you and your loved one.

Some people prefer to go the traditional route when a loved one passes.  They buy a casket, then bury their loved one next to other family members.  While this has always been accepted, more families are now choosing cremation.  Many do this simply because it is more affordable, and others give special meaning to the words “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”  Those who do choose cremation often choose burial urns and or decide to scatter the ashes, which mean they are earth friendly and do no harm to the environment.  Even so, they may want to keep just a small remembrance with them, and gold cremation jewelry is made especially for this purpose.

Gold Cremation JewelryThe styles and designs are exquisite, and perfect for any loss.  Whether you must say a final farewell to your lover and soul-mate, or an infant, memorial jewelry allows you to choose the perfect keepsake that will help you keep the deceased’s special meaning and place in your life alive.

Those who believe in eternal life know that when their time comes, they will meet the one they miss so intensely on the other side.  Until then, gold cremation jewelry is the perfect way to show your respect and deep love, while helping you continue on with life knowing that someday you will meet again.

Glass Cremation Jewelry and Keepsakes

Glass Cremation Jewelry

Glass Cremation Jewelry

At In the Light Urns, we understand that you are going through what is probably the most difficult time you have ever experienced.  Our glass cremation jewelry is one way to help express your grief, by choosing a design that is reminiscent of your departed loved one.  When you want to keep a portion of cremains, or even a lock of hair to help you feel connected spiritually to your loved one, our glass cremation pendants are the perfect way to do so.  Delicate and affordable, we offer beautiful keepsakes that are of the best quality and will last for years to come.

Many people choose to be cremated at their death, but those family members who remain are not always comfortable with the idea of a large urn sitting on display in their home.  Glass cremation jewelry is the perfect solution, as many family members can share the cremains among them in a style of their own choosing.  This allows each member of the family to keep a special bond with the deceased, and have them always close to their heart and mind.  Whether you are at work, school or any location, each time you touch the glass cremation pendant you will be reminded of the special times you had throughout life with the deceased, and forever hold the memories in your thoughts.

In the Light Urns offers a large variety of quality glass cremation jewelry in designs that are certain to be perfect for you.  Many of our pendants are decorated with ribbons, and are available in colors such as purple, red white and blue, pink, blue, black and yellow.  We also offer Golden Sunshine and Ocean Breeze, which are absolutely beautiful.  If your loved one was fascinated by rainbows, our Rainbow Keepsake Urn may be just what you need to help you get closure, and remain connected in a special way to the departed.

Azure Blue Keepsake

Azure Blue Keepsake

Our Azure Blue Keepsake Urns are hand blown glass pendants that are made using a special technique known as lamp working.  Luxurious colors are added during this process, which gives the piece a very distinctive and exquisite look.  Some of our keepsakes can be used as pet cremation jewelry and come with a luxurious gift box, small funnel and a tube of adhesive so that you can rest assured the cremains or other special memento of your loved one is secure.

At In the Light Urns, we want to help you in any way possible.  The products we offer are our way of helping you and your family get closure, and remember your loved one in a very special way.  If you don’t find what you need in our glass cremation jewelry, we have hundreds of other options, one which is certain to be the perfect way to memorialize your special loved one. Memorial jewelry is also available at Jewelry Urns. Their selection is extensive and their site is carbon neutral. Both In the Light Urns and Jewelry Urns take pride in working towards green policies and an environmentally conscious approach to business. Thank you for reading.

Ceramic Urns Provide Beauty, Elegance and Sturdiness

Pearl Pink and Roses Cremation Urn

While there are many types of urns available, nothing quite matches the elegant look and appeal of ceramic urns. Through the ages, these types of urns have been a steady favorite. Perhaps it is because of the astounding beauty, or the fact that they simply last forever.

Ceramic urns offer you a wide variety of choices, from simple and graceful to decorative. Some are even a good choice if you need a companion urn, where the cremains of more than one can be held. From classic looks to floral designs or intricate details, these urns offer beauty and lasting quality at affordable prices. That is another reason that so many people choose ceramic urns – the price is not out of reach for most.

One of the most captivating urns, especially for men who were true outdoors men and loved the wilderness, is the Timber Wolf urn. It is a beautiful adaptation of the classic Grecian urn, and makes a very fitting final resting place for those intrigued by the mystery of the beautiful wolf. Ceramic urns are an elegant way to memorialize your loved one, no matter their age or gender.

Wings of an Angel Cremation Urn

Perhaps your loved one was a lover of water. They may have loved the ocean, river, or any body of water. People who truly love the tranquility of nature and enjoy it immensely deserve a special final resting place. Ceramic keepsake urns are made and designed in a White Sands motif, accented with shells to hold a portion of the cremains of your loved one, so that you can have a special part of them with you always.

It isn’t easy to explain the attraction of ceramic urns. Throughout history, there have been stories that included these often mysterious but always highly valued containers. Visit Pets to Rest for ceramic pet urns. If you are looking for that perfect final resting place for the cremains of your loved one, ceramic urns may be just what you need. Let your special loved one rest in a place that is befitting to their finest dreams.

Hockey Urn by In the Light Urns

There are many cremation urns for specific interests, such as Hockey. Our Hockey Urn is a beautiful, hand made cremation urn. It is made of Walnut wood and has a resin made plaque that is secured to the front. The plaque has a hockey helmet, puck, stick, skates and a glove, representing your loved one’s favorite game. Our hockey urn comes with an engraved brass nameplate and is shipped free of charge. 3 lines for a sentiment will fill the nameplate. This urns size is 6 3/4 ” x 9 3/4 ” x 7 3/4 ” urn, and it is 260 cubic inches.

Hockey Urn

Hockey Urn

Infant Urns

Infant Urns

Infant Urns

We understand the difficulty of losing a baby and we take great reverence in discussing our services. The infant urns at In the Light Urns are very special. Several of the unique memorials can’t be found anywhere else. The Angel of Protection Infant Marble Urn is a marble urn for infants. The shape of the urn is a cream color. The sculpture that rests on top is a baby protected in the wings of an angel.

This angel baby, is delicately winged, and is sleeping soundly. The space for the ashes is in the bottom, where you can take out four screws and detach the bottom piece of marble. This piece is then securely fastened back in place. This urn measures 4″ x 2 1/2″ x 5″ and is 10 cubic inches. This is a popular memorial urn, because it carries such a loving and warm feel about the baby inside the angels arms. Many families are pleased when they see the look of the angel and the baby and the quality of the sculpture and marble urn.

One thing that is sure to mend a hurting heart is to find the right memorial. To find the right resting place, the right urn or memorial, will make things feel better and right. Do not feel obligated to have a certain kind of memorial for your child, just find what feels right to you.

For more information visit In the Light Urns where we are committed and dedicated to helping you find the right memorial.