Jewel-Style Keepsake Urn Necklaces

keepsake jewelryExpressing yourself after the loss of a loved one can be difficult. Jewel-style keepsake urn necklaces give you the chance to adorn your exterior with the shining memories of your lost loved one. Not only are these urn keepsake necklaces functional, but their brilliance represents the vibrant personality that once lit up your life. Glittering stones like amethyst, crystal, cubic zirconium, mother of pearl, black onyx and even created diamonds set in lovely designs allow you to carry your loved one with you always. These gorgeous necklaces come in high-quality materials such as gold vermeil and silver and allow you to choose the style that best suits your personal tastes.

According to ancient Egyptian belief, the wearer of amethyst is protected against guilt and fearful feelings. It is a comforting thought to know that an amethyst keepsake urn pendant will not only allow you to carry your loved one with you wherever you go, but also have the notions of antiquity that you are being shielded from negative emotions. The amethyst keepsake pendant urn comes in gold vermeil and silver, so you can match it to whatever precious metal inhabits your jewelry box.

Healing, wisdom, clarity of thought, positive thoughts, harmony, and love are all said to be promoted by wearing a crystal. Their healing power has been appreciated by Hindus, indigenous Australians, Mayas, and Native American tribes. Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystal or not, their iridescent beauty is undeniable to the beholder. This clear option will allow cremains to be subtly visible inside of the pendant. The crystal is accented by a silver chain, and one model is accented with aqua crystal beads.

Cubic Zirconium
It has been said that cubic zirconium brings happiness, strength, energy, and promotes sounds sleep. When enduring the emotionally and physically draining experience of losing a loved one, these aforementioned benefits may be of assistance in the grieving process. Stylish and sophisticated designs like hearts, swirls, wheels and crosses allow the wearer to reflect his or her own personal style while simultaneously honoring the deceased.

Mother of Pearl
Oriental traditions and Chinese culture point to mother of pearl as being a source of prosperity and luck. It is a comforting thought to believe that carrying your loved one with you in a mother of pearl keepsake urn pendant will bring you good fortune by keeping him or her in your daily life. This opalescent material reflects light and color to create an ever-changing range of pigments. You can express your individuality with classic charms such as butterflies, dragonflies, crosses, palm trees, hearts and crosses.

Black Onyx
Perhaps the most appropriate stone for memorial jewelry is black onyx. This stone is said to be ideal for assisting in the process of letting go while keeping your mind focused and on-task. The deep, rich beauty of this black stone sharply contrasts with the glimmering finishes of silver or gold vermeil that are used to encase it, resulting in an exquisite look.

We can all agree with Robert Ludlum when he said, “The most precious jewels are not made from stone, but from flesh.” However, these stones can help keep the memory of a lost loved one alive in a small, glimmering symbol of the dearly departed. With hope, a jewel-style keepsake urn necklace can serve to assist in the healing process, and remain a treasured family heirloom for generations to come.

Custom Cremation Urns at

Custom cremation urns can draw a connection between the passed and their final resting place. We are pleased to have a dominant presence on the internet for custom cremation urns. We are able to provide several families with custom memorials because we constantly strive to bring families what they are looking for. Engraving a photo on wood, marble, brass and glass is  a popular method of customizing your cremation urn. Below there is a photo of a Boy Scout leader that had his photo engraved on wood. The engraving is so detailed that it is comparable to a photo. Another option for custom urns is to propose an idea that we may bring to life. One woman lost her husband and was interested in getting a large truck trailer (model size) as the urn.

There are so many ways we can customize an urn. First and foremost we can choose the right urn for your loved one. This maybe finding something that loved to do like riding a bike or playing sports and creating an urn from a item that relates to what they loved. This is common in memorializing a  loved one, we recommend that you contact the urn manufacturer or seller to get more information. The other common approach to custom urns is engraving or branding the memorial. Engraving is very popular and the quality of engraving is very fine. You can literally take a photograph and have ti engraved on a cremation urn. Also the epitaph, dates and words of sentiment can also be placed on the urn, which is very common. For all your custom cremation urn needs visit us at In the Light Urns.

Custom Cremation Urns

Infant Cremation Urns & Infant Caskets

In the Light Urns has a leading selection of children’s cremation urns and keepsakes. With our recent addition of engravable urns, you will find that there are many designs and symbols that can help memorialize your child. With several wood urns, angel urns and teddy bear urns, we lead the industry in quality and selection. Our Angel and Friend Urn is loved by many; our Infant Block Urn is also a custom cremation urn that is very popular. This urn has 3 toy blocks that sit on top and display the youths initials.

In the Light Caskets was recently launched and is our beginning to offer the same type of servcei and unique products as In the Light Urns. Our line of quality Infant Caskets is extensive and reasonably priced. Losing a child is difficult and we take our job very seriously. We also take pride in offering these well made caskets and memorials. The Victorian Mahogany Preemie Casket is absolutely beautiful and retails for $249.95.

Finding the right memorial is very important. The reason for this is to allow us to grieve during our time of loss and the right cremation urn or caskets allows us to feel at peace in some way.

Funeral Directors Start to Listen

The Internet is a vast place of information, resources, advice, and help. With all of this the varied businesses online are expanding at an exponential rate due to being able to learn and interact with people all over the world. Technology has come into our lives and transformed almost everything we do, all the way to our funeral. Lots of new ideas for products are starting to emerge in the cremation industry. And funeral directors must change with the times, to provide what people are asking for.

Cremation or Burial?

An increasing number of people are now opting for cremation rather than burial and funeral directors must change their business attitudes in order to keep customers happy. According to the Cremation Association of North America 35% of deaths in 2007 were cremated, and they have estimated that will rise to 59% by the year 2025. Most people opt for cremation because it is less expensive than a burial and that makes sense in this low economic time.  However, many of these people are also choosing creative ways to personalize their deaths, which means money may not be their only consideration.

Expanding Funeral Services to Please Consumers –

Funeral directors are now expanding their services to include more creative ways of keeping their customers happy. They want their final wishes planned out, paid for and accommodated no matter how different it might be from a traditional burial. More and more consumers are looking into cremation because it offers more options. It is no longer about a variety of urns (such as keepsake urns). It is about how creative and personal people can get with their lives even after death.

Michael Lyon, a Clarksville funeral director and owner of the Cremation Society of Virginia told Theresa Vargas, a Washington Post Staff Writer, “Even in death, the consumer wants options. Whereas 33 years ago when I first entered death care, it was very commonplace for funerals to look identical from person to person, today I am finding that death care is as unique as the life lived.”

Some Creative and Personalized Cremation Options –

In Lyon’s business consumers can buy a do it yourself memorial service and cast bronze urns with eagles or wind chimes. Cremation provides people with the most versatility and personalization. People can have their remains shot to the moon, spread over the sea, worked into a piece of art, or enclosed in a piece of jewelry. Eternal Reefs offers consumers “a new memorial choice that replaces cremation urns and ash scattering with a permanent environmental living legacy”. They make concrete reefs that hold the remains that help the underwater environment. It is eco-friendly and helps people give back to the environment even after death. Since society is now pressuring businesses to be more eco-friendly (some even willing to pay more for it) these ideas are being seen in all areas of business. 

New Ideas in Personalized Deaths –

Cremains in a Statue: To have one’s ashes built into a garden statue or planter. Two men, Kurt Zimmerman and Lawrence Mervine, are in the process of having this idea patented.

Prayer Wheel: Her mother loved the autumn season, so Lauren Clauson had her mother’s ashes put inside a prayer-wheel urn that she keeps in her living room.

The competition is getting tighter with consumers being able to shop for cremation urns online and compare costs and offers. There will be more creative methods of personalized cremation to come. This depends on what people and urn sellers think up, ask for, and what funeral directors will offer. If someone can’t find what they really want with one funeral home they will simply take their business elsewhere. Keep up with the times by creating a wide variety of personalized options for consumers.


Custom Cremation Urns

Custom cremation urns can be made by engraving a photo of your loved ones on a wood or marble urn. This is becoming more and more popular, because families want to see their loved one’s thoroughly owns their final resting place and that their essence can be seen on the urn.

We greatly value the engraving on wood and marble urns, because it gives us the opportunity to make something unique and custom for every family. The process used can be tedious – the engraver must have a good quality image to draw the strong lines from. These lines are drawn from a program and then sent to the engraving machine.

In The Light Urns

Engraved in Wood

If you would like a custom urn made, we are able to do it. We are not daunted by any task to ensure that you find the right memorial for your loved one. We take our job seriously and want to ensure that our customers are happy. Our custom urns typically range from personalized and engraved. But we are also able to make something from scratch.

Cremation Urn Information

This post is dedicated to talking a little about the cremation process and any information that can assist you in purchasing and a cremation urn.

When someone dies they may go to either a funeral home or a crematorium. If the deceased will have a wake they will be moved to the funeral home and if not they will go directly to the crematorium.

Cremations are performed in electronically controlled furnaces. Temperatures reach 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The remains are bone fragments that have been crushed. The burning process doesn’t reduce the remains to the final consistency.

To choose an urn that will be the correct size for your loved one, find the same cubic inches of space in the urn, as the person’s weight in pounds before they died.

There are several options for the placement of your loved ones remains. They can be scattered, buried, placed in a mausoleum or even flow into space. A emerging trend is to bury the remains in biodegradable urns or have them scattered.


Last night I was enjoying a drink at a local bar, when a friend introduced me to Evan. We entered normal conversation and began to talk about our jobs. When I mentioned that I sold cremation urns, his eyes lit up. He had been pre-planning for what lies ahead. Evan was a real pleasure to talk to, because he showed so much responsibility and as a young man, was interested in being responsible even after death.

Evan had been paying monthly for his cremation and was looking for an urn. We joked how he would look down on me after he was gone and be thankful. But the concern for taking care of your own death is very real.

When a person dies without life insurance, the family is often burdened with not only the loss of a loved one, but also the bills that come with burial or cremation. Pre-planning for these things is a great way to be sure that the burden is lightened in that time.

My discussion with Evan was enlightening. It brought real value to the pre-planning process, because Evan was young and not particularly in a bright financial position. But he still saw the importance of taking care of yourself and your responsibilities.

Discussion of Washington Post Article

As Families Opt for Cremation, Industry Expands Services, Choices

Article written by: Theresa Vargas

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, September 7, 2008; Page C01



Analysis by Tyler Fraser – 9-9-08


The cremation industry is booming, as baby boomers are getting older. Many choices are surfacing such as the ability to have remains flown to the moon or secured at the bottom of a reef. The importance of having a meaningful resting place is paramount in today’s society.


This article reports that “cost is the main reason families choose [cremation].” As a retail company, we see a huge financial benefit for families to choose cremation. While has several wonderful urns that retail for under $100, the average cost of a wooden casket is approximately $2,500.


In terms of the environment we see a huge benefit for cremation. Maybe not so much now, but certainly in the next 100 years; when cities like San Francisco expand on the Colma area cemeteries, so that that they take over the peninsula. England stacks three caskets under the ground at approximately 13 feet to 9 feet to 5 feet, in order to deal with space. This is a very real concern and cemetery plot will likely continue to rise in price as time goes on.  


Michael Lyon, a Clarksville funeral director, says, “Today I am finding that death care is as unique as the life lived.” This position is really showing itself in the cremation industry. And In the Light Urns dedicates itself completely to being a company that provides exactly what people are looking for. We strive for uniqueness and individualization, so that a family that lost an avid motorcycle rider can choose a Motorcycle Gas Tank urn; or a man that dedicated his life to the Boy Scouts of America®, can be appropriately remembered.


Two gentlemen from Stafford County discuss how cremains could be mixed into concrete and be used to make statues. To remember a loved one in this way is truly a wonderful idea. It solidifies a person’s existence in a very tangible way. The hour glass urns are some of the few urns that use the cremains of a loved one.


The most important topic this article touched on is a family’s freedom in remembering their loved one. They can choose one urn or five and they can choose keepsakes or a personalized urn. Cremation will excel not only because of space and cost, but also because of flexibility.


Those in the industry for years have been seeing a shift toward cremation and have expected this. In the Light Urns has a deep respect for cremation and strives constantly to be the best solution to families that have lost a loved one.