Veterans being Honored November 11th Each Year.

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th each year; however, there was a time when the celebration was held in October. This holiday has a history of name and date changes dating from 1919 until present day. The purpose of celebration was originally to honor the living veterans from the “Great War,” standing for World War I.

• June 28, 1919 – Treaty of Versailles signed in France formally ending
World War I

• November 1919 – President Wilson proclaimed November 11th as the first commemoration of Armistice Day

• June 4, 1926 – United States Congress officially recognized the end of World
War I with a resolution

• 1921 – Congress established the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery

• May 13, 1938 – Became the official holiday known as Armistice Day to honor the Veterans of World War I.

• 1954 – 83rd Congress amended the bill for Armistice Day making the day known as Veterans Day and including the veterans from World War I, World War II, and the Korean War as well as veterans from all wars.

• 1968 – Congress passed the Monday Holiday Law establishing the fourth Monday in October as the first date for Veterans Day (

• 1968 – Uniform Holiday Bill passed ensuring a three day weekend for all federal employees for 4 national holidays: Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Columbus Day

• 1975 – Due to popular demand, Congress returned the date to November 11th each year

Today, the 1975 change to the celebration date has remained the same, November 11th. Celebrations occur throughout the nation in the form of parades and other events. Washington D. C. celebrates at Arlington Cemetery with the Color Guard representing all military branches at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier executing the “Present Arms” before the President lays the Presidential Wreath on the Tomb followed by a bugler playing Taps.

Funeral Advice Mobile Application

Funeral AdviceWe are giving away a free iPhone 4 to one reviewer of our mobile application Funeral Advice.

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In the Light Urns has released a mobile that application that helps families during their time of loss. The application is filled with information about losing a loved one and provides a great deal of insight to the inner workings of the funeral industry. After losing a loved one it can difficult to make all the funeral decisions. Many times, families will choose someone with funeral experience, that has lost a loved one and has been part of planning a funeral. But if you have not been part of planning a funeral, the amount of choices and information is great and a little help is very nice. So In the Light Urns has created a mobile application on Android and the iPhone that helps with these difficult choices.

The application includes steps that should be taken after losing a loved one such as: contacting everyone and meeting. Funeral Advice also gives general funeral information, which can be helpful when making choices such as planning green burial or cremation. There are some general funeral etiquette questions that people may have and that is discussed in At the Funeral. Several common phrases of sympathy are listed that give you well constructed statements that can help communicate your feelings. Also included in Funeral Advice is two short films that illustrate Funeral Celebrations and Green Burial. These films capture some of the industry leaders’ instruction and advice. Joe Sehee of the Green Burial Council talks about what is green burial and Glenda Stansbury from Insight Books discusses Funeral Celebrants. These videos give a concise and clear description of each subject and are very helpful to view before planning a funeral. And after learning about funerals, there is also a shop to find pricing on caskets and urns.

It’s very important to help families that have lost a loved one and we work hard to ensure that we are bringing a great deal of value to our customers and community. Our goal at In the Light Urns is to help you after losing a loved one. In order to do that we must continue to provide excellent products and services to our customers. Launching this mobile application is an initiative to continue to be a leading provider of information to familes that have lost a loved one and also fulfilling our commitment to help those in need. Our values make it very important to us to do all we can to help. We are dedicated to families and our industry and take great reverence in our work. Working hard to be a pillar for your during a time loss In the Light Urns will continue to provide excellent and complimentary information about funerals and cremation.

We have chosen to provide application free of charge, so that it can help as many people as possible. Written by funeral professional and host of Funeral Director’s Chat Nancy Burban, Funeral Advice has a great deal of important information. We are very pleased with the launch of this mobile application and encourage you to download it. Also if you review the application, you are eligible to win a new iPhone. Currently the application has five stars on the iPhone after 10 reviews. There are few reviews and chances of winning the iPhone are not bad, so review the Funeral Advice application now.

4 Face Felony Charges Following Plot Reselling Scheme

Alsip, Illinois – Authorities in a greater Chicago suburb have discovered that possibly 300 graves have been dug up and resold at a cemetery.  The Burr Oak Cemetery is a historic African-American cemetery where several black icons were buried.  These include Emmett Till, a lynching victim, Dinah Washington, a blues singing legend and Harlem Globetrotter Inman Jackson.

Associated Press Photo

Associated Press Photo

The office manager for the cemetery, Carolyn Towns, and 3 gravediggers Keith Nicks, Terrance Nicks and Maurice Daley are those that have been charged.  This horrific story has caused unimaginable heartbreak for many in the town who have relatives whose graves have been dug up.

Steven Watkins, attorney for Towns, claims innocence on his clients behalf.  He stated that “Somebody is apparently making false accusations against my client.”  Towns is maintaining that she is innocent.

The method used in this plot is horrific as well.  This was not moving or replacing graves.  The graves have been excavated, and the remains dumped wherever there was an empty space in the back area of the cemetery.  In other instances, graves were stacked on top of another.  According to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, some of the graves were pounded down so that another casket could be placed on top of it.

This scheme was an attempt by the four to make money.  According to Dart, the four would dig up the graves, dump the remains, resell the plot and pocket the cash.  Each of the 4 have been charged with dismembering a human body.  The sentence for this charge ranges from 6 to 30 years according to Cook County state’s attorney, Anita Alvarez.

Towns bail was set at $250,000.  The other three implicated in the charges each have a $200,000 bail.  As of Thursday afternoon, none had posted bail according to the sheriff’s department.  The FBI, local funeral directors and forensic scientists have been summoned to assist with the investigation according to Dart.

This all began about six weeks ago when owners of the cemetery began having issues with possible financial irregularities.  The current owners have operated the cemetery for over five years but are not thought to be involved in the scheme.   According to Dart, the majority of the excavations were done in back lots to graves that were older and not visited often.

Also attending the news conference was the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who stated that there should be “a special place in hell” for the suspects.  Decades ago, Burr Oak Cemetery was the one place that black Chicagoans were comfortable they could safely bury their dead.  Dart believes the scheme could have been going on for as long as the past four years.

Caskets, bodies and all have literally been “dumped” in the back area of the cemetery.  Concrete vaults have been shattered – but not nearly as shattered as the lives of people who had family buried at Burr Oak Cemetery.  This is truly every family’s nightmare, and a heart-wrenching one as well.

New Approach to Cremation Urns and Lucite

A new art cremation urn collection has been released by In the Light Urns. Each lucite urn has a different sculpture inside including: Horses, Eagles, Lions, Bears, Deer, Mermaids, Jesus Christ, Dolphins, Whales, and Turtles. The famous artists Dan Medina, Christopher Pardell and Kitty Cantrell of Starlight Studios are the creators of this exclusive line.

Each piece of the limited and number edition is accompanied by a signature of the artist and a certificate of authenticity. Susan Fraser, the founder of In the Light Urns said “These extraordinarily beautiful art urns have been well received by our clients. We are pleased to be introducing such high quality work to the memorial industry.”

Each urn is larger than the industry standard and stands between 14 and 19 inches tall. Tyler Fraser manager of the online cremation urn store said “These are some of the most unique cremation urns we have come across. In the Light Urns strives to be the leading force in meeting the ever-changing demands of individuals and families that have lost a loved one.”

Cremation Heats Homes (In Sweden)

Boras, Sweden – Where does heating for homes come from? From the crematorium of course.

You might be surprised to learn that the heat used to cremate the dead in Boras, Sweden is recycled into heating for homes. After the cremation chamber is clean the heat is diverted to warm water. That water is then circulated through a central heating unit, where air flows through, heats up and warms the house. Lanyard Nelson, a Baptist preacher in Helsingborg, Sweden says, “No one wants Aunt Astrid heating up the living room.” And one crematorium heats 60,000 homes and boasts 10 percent of the local energy company’s needs over the past six months. That’s a lot of living rooms.

Roger Bergstrom, head of the local energy company, said there was a rather “lively argument” over the project. Throughout the world talk has erupted about the quality of this perhaps too-green initiative. Henrik Nystrom, a pastor in Boras said, “I have a very serious problem with this.”

On the other hand Bengt Engberg of the Church of Sweden says “This is perfect for the environment.” A lost family member helping other people is actually a really comforting thought. “It’s only sensible,” said Borje Stolt the chief inspector of Helsingborg crematorium in southern Sweden. “It’s environment-friendly, and relatives can console themselves in the knowledge that the death of a loved one benefits the whole community.”

Written on behalf of In the Light Urns