Airplane Safe Cremation Urns

Urn in BaggaeLosing a loved one is painful enough without having to deal with the added stress of airline travel. It is a reality that you may have to face with so many families scattered throughout the country and beyond the continent. Other times, loved ones request to be scattered in a particular location of special significance that may be a far distance from where you live. Fortunately, the TSA is understands these matters and permits air travel with a cremation urn. There are a few guidelines that you need to know in advance that will make your experience that much smoother and less worrisome.

Carry-On Baggage
Travelers are permitted to bring a cremation urn as part of their carry-on luggage, but the container must be screened through X-ray security like the rest of their possessions. If the urns made of metal or another material that prevents the security team from clearly viewing its contents, then the urn will not be cleared through the security checkpoint. If this is the case, the TSA suggests purchasing a temporary crematory container made of a lighter weight material such as wood or plastic that can be successfully screened.

Checked Baggage
An urn may be checked with baggage as long as it is properly screened. The urn will be screened for explosive materials using a variety of standard, and respectful, techniques. Once cleared, the urn will be approved as checked baggage. Please note that some airlines do not allow cremated remains as checked baggage so make sure to check with your carrier before embarking on your air travel journey.

Additional Urn Travel Facts
• Out of respect to the deceased and their family and friends, under no circumstances will a screener open the container, even if the passenger requests this be done.
• Documentation from the funeral home is not sufficient to carry a crematory container through security and onto a plane without screening.

Please check with your air carrier about other restrictions that may apply.

Facts and guidelines provided by the Transportation Security Administration. For more information on flying with a cremation urn, please visit Transporting Cremated Remains or

Green Living After Death

Biodegradable Burial Urn

Biodegradable Burial Urn

I am always being reminded of the environment and what I can do to make things better. Recycle, reduce, reuse; these kinds of messages have become more and more popular throughout the years. There is little difference in taking a green approach to living than taking a green approach after dying. Some people feel particularly good with the thought that their remains are not going to be a burden to the environment for decades and centuries to come.

Some options:

  1. Cremation and to scatter the ashes
  2. Cremation and to bury the ashes
  3. Burial in a biodegradable casket
  4. Burial in a metal casket

For years people in the United States have used metal caskets. Now, especially for those who have chosen cremation, there are several ethical questions being asked. Do I want to be buried or cremated? What is the footprint of the cremation process and burial urns? What is the footprint of a biodegradable casket in a green cemetery? What the footprint of a metal casket in a traditional burial?

There have been assertions that a company’s casket can survive for thousands of years without breaking down. I guess the next question is – Why would you want to be left intact for such a long time? Once buried, a casket will not likely see the light of day ever again. So to put forward the money for a traditional burial or for a reinforced receptacle, that will keep you in tact for thousands of years, just doesn’t make sense to me. The fact is that death is really an unknown thing and there are different perspectives are to how to handle it.

You may have some questions like – What kind of material should I use? What is biodegradable? Read our article on ethics and urns for burial for more information about ethics when burying an urn. We thoroughly believe in following your heart. Death isn’t an understood subject, so a little eccentricity may make some feel better about the process. This is good and there is something to be said about catering to your needs.

One consideration is that a large amount of energy is being used to cremate a body. But after cremation, if the ashes are scattered the affect on the environment is minimal. To be buried in clothes or a biodegradable casket a green cemetery, is taking no energy for disposal and you will eventually become helpful nutrients for the environment.

Biodegradable Casket

Biodegradable Casket

In conclusion, it is important to consider how you will affect the earth and environment after you die. We provide a large line of biodegradable burial urns that make some people feel relieved to know that they will help the earth after they pass.

Pets to Rest – Pet Cremation Urn Blog

Pets to Rest maintains a quality blog that give informative links and writings about pet cremation. It is not easy to lose an animal and Pets to Rest takes their service seriously and with reverence. With the difficulty of losing a pet is the desire to have something close to show they are not forgotten.  One way many people do this is with the purchase of a piece of cremation jewelry.  This jewelry comes in pendants, bracelets and pins.  A small bit of the cremains are placed within the jewelry and, if a pendant, a cord or chain is provided.  A small piece of the pet’s hair or toy may be added to the jewelry, together with the cremated remains, if desired.  This jewelry is made from various materials such as gold, silver, pewter, cobalt and other materials, including. Semiprecious jewels.   Coming in all sorts of shapes and colors, designed by experienced jewelers, one can proudly wear the jewelry with any attire.

For some, pet loss is a devastating experience; they go through the intense emotions of sadness, longing and hopelessness for a long time. As such, for them, a proper burial place is a great idea to preserve the pet’s memory and help ease the difficult of losing a pet. Whether a pet urn purchase is a wise or a trivial decision would depend on the quality of the relationship the pet owner has with his pet.  If the pet owner did not build a relationship with his animal, the loss is trivial; he will not miss the animal in any way and will not see the need to purchase a pet urn. But if the animal became his partner, and in return it showed him loyalty and devotion by performing its critical role as companion, when it dies a piece of him dies with it too. Thus, the importance of pet urns will also depend on the importance that the pet owner has given to his animal.

This Week’s Testimonials

“I was very pleased with my urn.  The person I gave it to was very touched by my thoughtfulness.  Thank you for offering such fine works of art. I hope to never need to use your urns but if i do i will contact your company.”

“The urn arrived promptly, even through two postal holidays, and was better-looking than the picture on your site suggested.  You may want to post a higher resolution image to do it justice.  It is a fitting testament to my son’s life and the man he would have become.”
“I found that I had excellent service. We received the urn and in two days and the name plate in 6 thank you you so much for you speedy service. I will do business in the future with you guys.”

These testimonials are from yesterday the 8th. They are proof of our constant effort to help our customer’s in their time of need. Our effort includes considering customer feedback, fast, safe and free shipping and a 365 day guarantee. But as these testimonials suggest, our customers are often satisfied with their experience with In the Light Urns.