Using Flowers To Decorate A Cremation Urn

flower-arrangement-urnFlowers brighten up a room no matter what form they take. They can be real ones in a vase, silk flowers in a jar, or flowers gracing an urn. True, it may seem a little strange to talk about flowers on an urn; but the sad reality is, death is a part of life, and what we do with our bodies in death is something we have to deal with while we are alive. More and more frequently, people are opting to have themselves cremated instead of buried for various reasons. So, why have cremains sitting in a plain wooden box or in a dull bronze urn on a shelf? Using an urn that is decorated with flowers puts a positive spin on its symbolization, one that cancels out the contents within. However, flowers mean so much more than an accent.

Throughout our lives we find that flowers play an important role. They are given as gifts for a special occasion, sometimes to say “I love you,” marking a special moment in life, and simply just because. A bouquet, however, goes beyond making a statement. Flowers are traditionally associated with femininity – they are delicate and beautiful, but harbor a hidden strength. Naming our female children after flowers reinforces this association with femininity, and placing the cremains of a dear female relative into an urn with a floral design keeps this tradition solidly associated with women.

Looking in from the outside, keeping someone’s ashes on the shelf can seem a bit peculiar. It has become a meme that appears time and time again in films, usually used as part of a story in a comedy. It truly is time to put a different spin on the idea of keeping someone’s ashes in an urn. In The Light Urns has brought memorial displays into a new era with styles that reflect the living personality of the deceased. Celebrate the deceased’s life with a work of art as a repository. Unique urns offer a positive way to change how we view safekeeping the cremains of a loved one.

Modern society has a tendency to keep death at arm’s length as we embrace longer life spans and benefit from advances in medicine. It makes us uncomfortable and the subject gets swept under the rug. As we age, we have to become practical and start thinking about what is going to happen to our physical selves after we pass. Then, there comes the time when observing the wishes of a close relation have to be carried out. As mentioned before, cremation is becoming a popular option. Urns that break the mold have come onto the market to bring the concept into a new realm.

Think about this: cremation offers something that burial cannot. We can keep our loved ones with us in a form that can bring comfort. There is no grave site that requires planning a visit to and graveyards are not always a pleasant place to visit. In The Light Urns offers the opportunity to personalize the urn in a way that brings a smile instead of tears. We want to remember our loved ones in happy times. Using an urn that turns a delicate matter into a light hearted, positive conversation piece can put relatives and friends at ease when honoring and reflecting upon the lost life of a loved one.

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