Soccer Fan Memorial Urn

A Fitting Tribute to a True Soccer Fan

Soccer Cremation Urn For those who are soccer fans, world cup fans (or even played the game passionately,) the Soccer Ball Case Memorial Urn is a wonderfully fitting tribute.  There’s no better way to memorialize a soccer fan with excitement and passion for the game.

More and more, people are foregoing traditional burial in a casket and choosing something a bit more personal.  For those who were truly passionate about either playing the game or watching soccer being played, this urn at $makes the perfect memorial.  Crafted of cherry by professional craftsmen, this beautiful urn is a warm and loving tribute to someone who truly loved and enjoyed the game.

All types of sports are hugely popular today.  Many who play the games are so dedicated and live it every minute of every day – it’s in their blood.  Even for those who enjoy just watching from the sidelines, soccer and other sports are an important part of life.  When you lose someone who was so full of life, so passionate about winning or even rooting for their favorite team, it is truly tragic.  The Soccer Ball Case Memorial urn is an urn that is extremely personal, because you place the actual soccer ball of your loved one inside a protective acrylic case that sits atop the magnificent cherry wood urn.

This urn allows the cremains or ashes of a loved one to be added through the bottom, and displayed wherever you like.  A brushed brass plate on the front of the urn can be engraved with your loved ones name, a favorite saying, or anything you like.  If your loved one was a true sports fan, a sports urn is the perfect final resting place, as it demonstrates your love for that person, as well as your respect for a sport they loved, lived and breathed in life.

For those of you who are passionate about soccer, it’s never too early to prepare for what lies ahead in life.  Whether you have lost someone who loved the game of soccer or are a world cup fan yourself who just wants to be prepared, the Soccer Ball Case Memorial Urn is stunning.

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