Grieving a Pet is a Natural Process That Helps Heal

Losing a PetGrieving a pet is a natural process that allows us to heal after the loss of a beloved member of the family.  While some may think it is silly, the death of a pet can affect us even greater at times than when a friend or relative passes.  If your grief of losing a pet is not acknowledged by a good friend or relative, it may become even greater.  Don’t let anyone who believes you are behaving abnormally make you feel that you have to justify your feelings.  Some people are pet lovers, others are not.

Those who are never blessed with knowing what it is like to have a true and constant companion and friend really do not know what they are missing.  It is a great joy to those who do have the chance to develop a loving relationship with a pet.  Dogs especially are loyal to a fault; no matter what, they are always there to great you and ready to give you affection when you have had a bad day.  Grieving a pet is normal, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.  Just as with humans, the grief will pass.  Once you begin to heal, you will enjoy fond memories for a lifetime.

While grieving a pet is completely normal and understandable, you should find someone to talk to if you experience overwhelming grief.  Someone else who dearly loves their pet, a veterinarian who is a friend, or even your pastor is a good choice.  Choose someone who is good at listening, and who you feel will truly understand what you are going through.  Talking these things out with someone who feels about pets like you do will help lift a heavy burden.

The wonderful thing about grieving a pet, even though it doesn’t seem at the moment that anything could be good about it, is that you will grow emotionally through the process.  The time you shared with your pet will help you form lasting memories, and your life will be filled with the knowledge of just how much a pet can mean in the existence we call life.  This may be the best testament of all to validate just how important your pet really was.

Pets help us experience many emotions we may never or only occasionally feel toward humans.  A true bond and friendship, loyalty, fierce affection and companionship are feelings that we sometimes never experience with people.  So, is grieving pet loss abnormal?  Hardly.  It may perhaps be one of the most natural things we ever experience.

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