New Sand Cremation Urns from In the Light Urns

New Sand Cremation UrnsCremation urns come in a variety of materials, designs and cost ranges.  Now, In the Light Urns offers exquisite sand cremation urns such as the Sand Pebbles Natural Sand Art Urns.  The simple elegance of this urn lends to its modern appearance.

These beautiful sand cremation urns are sculptured by French Canadians at Artisans du Sable, and perfect for displaying in your home; they can also be used for land or water burial.  In the home, these urns will last a lifetime and will not break down.  If used for land or water burial, these distinctive urns will break down over time, which demonstrates they are more environmentally suited than some other types of urns.

The sand cremation urns we offer are designed to hold 200 cubic inches of cremains, but keepsakes are also available and will hold 2 cubic inches.  Our Footprints in the Sand Natural Sand Art Urn is beautiful as well, and represents the popular poem regarding Jesus carrying a loved one during times of trouble or sadness.  These urns are smooth and sculpted to perfection, a wonderful memorial to a loved one who has passed.

Traveling has become quite a hassle when it comes to the airlines.  Our line of cremation urns are TSA approved, meaning that they can be scanned so that you can carry them on board.  These urns are allowed as carry-on baggage, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of placing the ashes of your loved one in a temporary container when you travel.

Another of our sand cremation urns is the Sand Pebbles Natural Sand Art Urn, which has been named “Piedra” by the artists that sculptured this simple yet elegant urn.  These beautiful memorials have pebbles on the top, which lead the eye down a line containing more gray pebbles.  Everyone sees things in a different light, but we view the pebbles running down the side of this urn as a person gently slipping over to the other side.  These urns represent deep meaning for many who have lost loved ones.

If you are looking for a lasting tribute that is set apart from the normal urns you find, our memorials are unique and stunning.  When only the best will do for someone you loved to the depths of your heart, these original artworks offer simplistic, natural beauty.

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  1. I like these sand urns..but I am only interested in them just in case they are 100% BIO DEGRADABLE and ECO FRIENDLY.
    Can you send me or post here the certificate of their 100% natural origin.

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