Marble and Cremation Urns

Marble Cremation UrnMarble cremation urns are elegant and beautiful sculptures reminding one of the ancient classics that stand around the world. Marble contains Calcite which causes the marvelous swirls that make the marble cremation urns so distinctive. The colors are created by a reaction to the minerals and sediment in the earth where they are found. Pink marble is found in Tennessee and is used primarily for building materials because of its density. While it is very difficult to sculpt because it is so dense, artisans create some beautiful and distinctive marble cremation urns using Tennessee Marble.

Marble is a porous material and some of the cremation urns and created from a block of marble, while some are made from crushed marble that has been combined with a bonding agent which makes it stronger and easier to shape. It is not always easy to tell if the marble has been previously crushed as both have a wonderful look.

Marble urns are crafted my hand using large blocks which are then chiseled and sculpted using the same tools that have been used for centuries. Before sculpting can begin though a large piece of marble must be turned, shaped, and buffed into the general shape that it is going to be. This requires several hours and requires precise workmanship.

The carved cremation urns of today are not much different than the works of the past. Many of the same tools and exactly the same material is used. The artists work hard and smartly to create a wonderful look and feel for their marble urns. If you want a special sculpture created that reflects your loved one’s love for a certain activity, the artist will design a marble cremation urn that will reflect that wish.

Extra time must be spent with each individual piece because even though it is resilient, carving marble takes a special technique and the use of very small and delicate tools. Creating a detailed sculpture is much like cutting a diamond. If a mistake is made during the process the artist must start over, but the end result will be very special. Each marble cremation urn is an individual and unique piece of art that cannot be duplicated.

Cremation urns made of marble age very well. They are very heavy and durable and will become a treasured keepsake and heirloom. Often marble urns are kept out of the elements; we encourage proper care of a marble urn, but as many cultures have done, they can be stored outside.

Many people select a marble cremation urn that is large enough to accommodate more than one member of the family. This is called a companion urn. Thank you for reading and I hope this is helpful.

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