Glass Cremation Jewelry and Keepsakes

Glass Cremation Jewelry

Glass Cremation Jewelry

At In the Light Urns, we understand that you are going through what is probably the most difficult time you have ever experienced.  Our glass cremation jewelry is one way to help express your grief, by choosing a design that is reminiscent of your departed loved one.  When you want to keep a portion of cremains, or even a lock of hair to help you feel connected spiritually to your loved one, our glass cremation pendants are the perfect way to do so.  Delicate and affordable, we offer beautiful keepsakes that are of the best quality and will last for years to come.

Many people choose to be cremated at their death, but those family members who remain are not always comfortable with the idea of a large urn sitting on display in their home.  Glass cremation jewelry is the perfect solution, as many family members can share the cremains among them in a style of their own choosing.  This allows each member of the family to keep a special bond with the deceased, and have them always close to their heart and mind.  Whether you are at work, school or any location, each time you touch the glass cremation pendant you will be reminded of the special times you had throughout life with the deceased, and forever hold the memories in your thoughts.

In the Light Urns offers a large variety of quality glass cremation jewelry in designs that are certain to be perfect for you.  Many of our pendants are decorated with ribbons, and are available in colors such as purple, red white and blue, pink, blue, black and yellow.  We also offer Golden Sunshine and Ocean Breeze, which are absolutely beautiful.  If your loved one was fascinated by rainbows, our Rainbow Keepsake Urn may be just what you need to help you get closure, and remain connected in a special way to the departed.

Azure Blue Keepsake

Azure Blue Keepsake

Our Azure Blue Keepsake Urns are hand blown glass pendants that are made using a special technique known as lamp working.  Luxurious colors are added during this process, which gives the piece a very distinctive and exquisite look.  Some of our keepsakes can be used as pet cremation jewelry and come with a luxurious gift box, small funnel and a tube of adhesive so that you can rest assured the cremains or other special memento of your loved one is secure.

At In the Light Urns, we want to help you in any way possible.  The products we offer are our way of helping you and your family get closure, and remember your loved one in a very special way.  If you don’t find what you need in our glass cremation jewelry, we have hundreds of other options, one which is certain to be the perfect way to memorialize your special loved one. Memorial jewelry is also available at Jewelry Urns. Their selection is extensive and their site is carbon neutral. Both In the Light Urns and Jewelry Urns take pride in working towards green policies and an environmentally conscious approach to business. Thank you for reading.

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  1. I purchased four cobalt blue keepsake urns and shared them with my three sisters. They are beautifully made and our time together remembering our Mother while dividing her ashes was precious since all of us live in all parts of the USA. I personally receive many compliments on my necklace for its unique design and craftsmanship.

  2. My grandmother died three years ago and my mother hadn’t done anything with her ashes. I wanted to memorialize her in a keepsake and eventually give my Mom the locket. The instructions included were very helpful since I had never done anything like this before and the locket we got was beautiful. Thank you.

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