The Value of Pre-Planning

Pre Planning a Funeral

Pre Planning a Funeral

When a family member dies unexpectedly, it is often heart-wrenching, emotional and stressful.  Pre-planning for your own funeral or memorial makes everything so much easier on your entire family when the time comes that you pass.  You also have more time to choose exactly what is right for you, which helps avoid putting this burden on your family when they are at their most grief-stricken and fragile.  This is a true act of love, and means more to your family than you will ever know.

Leaving all of these decisions to your family members is something that often happens, but can easily be avoided.  Pre-planning also helps the family avoid the financial stress that often comes with making arrangements after the fact.  When you plan your own funeral or memorial and choose the burial urn or casket that suits your preferences, it also guards against inflation.  Your family can grieve and mourn as they so badly need to, instead of scurrying around trying to make arrangements while in an unstable emotional state.

Often when all of these important decisions are left to the remaining family members, it can cause arguments or disagreements.  Everyone wonders if they have made the right decision.  They question their choice, asking themselves if this is what you would have wanted or chosen.  Pre-planning the memorial or funeral simply takes the anxiety and added burden off of your family members, so that they can process what has happened and go forward with their lives.  It truly shows your family that you love them deeply, and want to avoid placing these decisions on them at the most difficult time in their lives.

Inflation is a fact of life that never goes away.  In some cases, families of the deceased have been financially devastated by the costs of giving their beloved family member a proper and respectable funeral, memorial, or scattering of ashes.  What happens if you die unexpectedly, without pre-planning?  The expenses could literally ruin them financially.  You care about your family, and don’t want to see this happen.  Pre-planning is the ultimate act of love and kindness you can give your family, so that they can be prepared when you pass, and not spend time that is meant for grieving trying to make choices they are uncertain of.

Preparing for your own death is never something that you enjoy, but it is necessary to protect your family both emotionally and financially.  Read more about what to do after losing a loved one. Death is an inevitable fact facing everyone, and taking the time to make arrangements is a true gift to your family members.  The value of pre-planning is truly beyond worth.

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