Beatrice Toney Bailey – Farewell, My Friend

Farewell, My Friend is a manual that is written for anyone facing a serious health issue. The book is a step-by-step guide for those who wish to plan for the inevitable, and is an extremely valuable resource for those who may be called upon to act as caregiver or caretaker for terminally ill friends or family members.

Farewell My Firend

Farewell, My Friend

Currently, Bea is the host of the new innovative television show, “Bea-On Bereavement – The Power of Planning”, which will air in September 2009 on RCCTV, Sacramento, CA. She is also a co-facilitator of a national GriefShare Support Group and is the Head Feature Writer for Senior Magazine of Northern California. She has authored this best selling book and is conducting presentations and book signings throughout the United States and Mexico.
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