Cremation Process – Elisa Krcileka

Elisa Krcileka, a funeral director from Illinois discusses the process after losing a loved one. She illustrates a great deal of the information that you need to know if someone has passed. This kind of video is very important for people to see and it is another example of how technology has enriched our lives.

She reviews the many important legal documents that need to be completed after death. Also typical process of the cremation and your relationship with the funeral home/ crematorium.

In the Light Urns has created a useful guide after someone passes. Its called four steps to take after losing a loved one and provides more information to help you during this time.

Very important and practical information.

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  1. i need some advice 3yrs ago a relative passed away. since then someone in the family chose to care for the ashes of the decease, well now 3yrs later they think it is better that the ashes be put to rest underground in a cemetery. So unfortunately everyone in the family has to go through the emotional goodbye again. do you think perhaps it would have been better to have just laid the decease underground right after they passed.that that decision should have been made right after instead of waiting is there a policy on how long you can keep a loves ones ashes till you finally figure out you should put them a cemetery instead. maybe you can reply.

  2. You have several options, but the most common are to bury the ashes or scatter the ashes. Burial urns are available here, if you do not have a suitable urn.

    Try to not worry about this. It’s not easy to deal with losing a loved one. It is okay to hold the ashes during your time of grieving, even if it’s three years. There’s no policy for this and you and your family can do what’s best. I hope this helped.

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