Green Burial versus Traditional Burial

Green Burial

Green Burial

Going green is advocated by environmentalists starting from your home improvement projects to purchasing household products. When it comes to burial techniques, the green method is already making a huge name for itself.  Many people are talking about your green burial options and where you can find these services.  But what is this method?  How does it compare to traditional techniques in burying your loved one?

There’s a lot to be said about green burial. Generally if one is not being buried in a metal casket, they have had a green burial. Many factors contribute to this including:

1    What Kind of Casket is Used
2    Formaldehyde Use
3    Cemetery Where Buried

It is better for the environment to be buried in a wood casket rather than a metal casket. Better still is being buried in a reed casket with no chemicals that preserve the body. And better still is to be wrapped in cloth and buried. Then you can consider how cremation compares to green burial. ABC news sites a study that proves that cremation is more environmentally friendly than a burial. The main issue is that lots of power is being used to burn a body, whereas in the general burial, the body is naturally broken down by the earth. The cremation urn you choose you choose could also play a role. Burial urns can range from biodegradable materials such as paper and sand to metals and toxic chemicals such as brass and certain resin urns.

Comparisons between green burial and traditional burial

When you are deciding what to choose, green burial or traditional have a look at the book Grave Expectations and their resources. Here is a list of information to help you.

1.    Concept.  It is always best to define two terms that are being compared.  Green burial is a system where your loved one will be closer to nature.  Green cemeteries are adapting the concept that traditional burial systems failed to incorporate in their techniques.  The green burial method is a mixture of water, flowers and full-grown forests.  Traditional burial techniques on the other hand are those that use embalming fluids, manicured lawns and metal vaults.

2.    Cost considerations.  Traditional burial may cost you between $5,000 and $6,000 – that promises decent rites and techniques.  In green burial, you only need to spend about 40% of that cost ranging from $2,000 to $2,500 only.

3.    Land area covered.  In some countries, graves used in traditional burial are placed on top of another especially if the family does not have the means to invest on mausoleums.  This also happens because of the limited land area for these graves.  The ratio in the US is around 900 graves over an acre of land.  Green burial methods eliminate this problem.  In this technique around 1,200 burial sites are spread over 32 acres of land – this makes a ratio of 38 burial sites over one

With all the above comparisons between green burial and traditional burial methods, which one will you opt for?  The decision is yours to make.  In both these cases, you must always consider the wishes of your dearly beloved.  As you learn about green burials, you may even be astonished that you get cost savings over traditional burial methods.  With that, you will not only help save the environment, but you also will be saving money.

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  1. Thank you for your informative article. I believe most people find it very difficult to discuss death and final wishes. This article makes it easier for conversation. I hadn’t given it much thought myself. I know I want to be cremated but never thought past what my final wishes will be.

  2. For many years I have been involved with a group of women and since I’m the eldest my nickname is “The Queen”. Marcia’s health declined rapidly and she finally died. Her kids were distraught of course, so we helped them through the process of acquiring knowledge about cremation rather than a cemetery burial. Thank you for the information and choices. Much appreciated.

  3. The YouTube instructive/informative videos are interesting. I’m impressed with the demonstrations. The one with the 4 pieces of jewelry is done well.

  4. I just buried my Mom and Dad. They have sat on a shelf side by side for almost 4 years. My neighbor helped me find your website. You folks made it simple to decide what to do. Thanks.

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