Hockey Urn by In the Light Urns

There are many cremation urns for specific interests, such as Hockey. Our Hockey Urn is a beautiful, hand made cremation urn. It is made of Walnut wood and has a resin made plaque that is secured to the front. The plaque has a hockey helmet, puck, stick, skates and a glove, representing your loved one’s favorite game. Our hockey urn comes with an engraved brass nameplate and is shipped free of charge. 3 lines for a sentiment will fill the nameplate. This urns size is 6 3/4 ” x 9 3/4 ” x 7 3/4 ” urn, and it is 260 cubic inches.

Hockey Urn

Hockey Urn

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  1. Just wondering if there is an urn shaped like the Stanley Cup? We lost our 19 year old son this summer and his love was hockey. I would love to have his ashes put in an urn that looks like the Stanley Cup.

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