Infant Urns

Infant Urns

Infant Urns

We understand the difficulty of losing a baby and we take great reverence in discussing our services. The infant urns at In the Light Urns are very special. Several of the unique memorials can’t be found anywhere else. The Angel of Protection Infant Marble Urn is a marble urn for infants. The shape of the urn is a cream color. The sculpture that rests on top is a baby protected in the wings of an angel.

This angel baby, is delicately winged, and is sleeping soundly. The space for the ashes is in the bottom, where you can take out four screws and detach the bottom piece of marble. This piece is then securely fastened back in place. This urn measures 4″ x 2 1/2″ x 5″ and is 10 cubic inches. This is a popular memorial urn, because it carries such a loving and warm feel about the baby inside the angels arms. Many families are pleased when they see the look of the angel and the baby and the quality of the sculpture and marble urn.

One thing that is sure to mend a hurting heart is to find the right memorial. To find the right resting place, the right urn or memorial, will make things feel better and right. Do not feel obligated to have a certain kind of memorial for your child, just find what feels right to you.

For more information visit In the Light Urns where we are committed and dedicated to helping you find the right memorial.

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