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In the Light Urns is proud to provide several bullet keepsake pendants. These pendants are very popular and are tough steel bullet replicas. They will accommodate one cubic inch of cremains or a lock of hair, crushed flowers, etc. Cremation jewelry is very popular method of memorializing your loved one for many reasons, but the most important is to keep your loved one close. These keepsakes provide personalization for those who loved shooting, hunting, and were a gun enthusiast.

Bullet Keepsake

Bullet Keepsake

These keepsakes are waterproof and come on a ball chain. Not only are they of excellent quality, they will arrive in a plush black velvet “Shades of My Love” gift box, with a funnel and tube of adhesive. These keepsakes are also available key chains.

It is now common for remains to travel far distances. Please note if you are traveling you must be sure that you cremation urn is TSA approved, so that they may scan the item. And because cremated remains can move places, many people find that the option to keep a portion of the remains is very comforting. It is not uncommon for a family to break up the ashes into several groups, so that distant family can have this connection. This also is helpful when you are not near the burial, scattering or memorial site. The memorial is in the small keepsake. The location no longer matters and this practical approach has been very important for funerals.

Shotgun Shell Keepsake

Some decided to wear the memorial jewelry for a passed person close to their skin. Others place this keepsake at home where it can safely be stored. Keychains are also option for a place to keep a keepsake. Although our keepsakes are water resitant and can hold up to a lot of pressure, they can be damage or lost. We encourage that you consider leaving your urn with ashes in a safe place. Especially glass keepsakes and those that are prone to damage and breaking. But these bullet keepsakes have a gasket around the top to ensure excellent closure. These bullet keepsakes are particularly well made and suitable for keeping ashes safe.

We are very pleased to constantly be adding to our catalog of wonder cremation jewelry. We feel it is out duty to families and peopel that have lost someone dear to them. So that they may have the best options available to them. We recently expanded on our 14k Gold cremation jewelry and Sterling Silver cremation jewelry. These keepsakes can all be engraved on and our shipping is fast, safe and free. Thank you for reading about these keepsakes and if you need any further assistance please contact us. Have a nice day.

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