Animal Cremation Jewelry and Animal Urns

Animal Memorial Jewelry

Animal Memorial Jewelry

If you are looking to memorialize your loved one who has been cremated, there are several beautiful animal figures that will fit the bill. If your loved one was a teddy bear lover, the perfect memorial would be a teddy bear pendant. This teddy bear pendant is made out of white bronze that measures 5/8” W x ¾ “H. This pendant holds ½ to 1 teaspoon of ashes and comes with its own gift box and black satin cord. This would also be perfect to give to a loved one that is a teddy bear lover as well. Our cremation jewelry line is extensive, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

If they loved butterflies, there are also memorials that are shaped like butterflies including this particular pendant that is a beautiful shape of a butterfly. The Butterfly Pearl Cremation jewelry is created by using gold plate and mother of pearl. This comes with a 20” matching gold plated chain and gift box. This is a beautiful way to carry the loved one with you and share in their love of butterflies all at the same time. Butterfly is a symbol of transformation, so this is a very fitting memorial to a deceased loved one and can be passed down through the generations.

This particular butterfly measures ¾” w by 1”high and holds ½ to 1 teaspoon of ashes. Now if Doves are what you are looking for, then we have many different dove depictions for you. Our Dove to Heaven pendant is also another sign of love that can be shared. This beautiful pendant measures 1” wide by 1” high and is created out of sterling silver with a matching chain. This dove is shows with the branch of peace in its mouth and is a fitting reminder that your loved one is at peace and is watching over you.

Animal Urns

Animal Urns

There are also several animals urns available. The memorials are for people that loved animals and the bereaved feel that an urn with their favorite animal would best memorialize this person. Many animal urns are the best fit to memorialize a loved one. For someone that was a veterinarian, their love for animals would be fitting for a cremation urn or memorial.

If your loved one loved dragonflies, or you have a relative who loves dragonflies, then our Dragonfly cremation jewelry will suit the bill very nicely. This particular Dragonfly Onyx cremation jewelry pendant is in sterling silver with Onyx wings. This particular pendant is ¾ wide by 1 high and holds ½ to 1 teaspoon of ashes. This comes with a matching chain and matching box for giving away when filled. This s a beautiful memorial for your loved one and can be shared with generations down the line. If eagles are more the style then we have you covered with our Sterling Silver Eagle Cremation Jewelry pendant.

This particular Eagle Cremation Jewelry is a beautiful reminder of the freedom of the wild and the Messenger of Spirit. This eagle measures 1” wide by 34 inches high. He will hold ½ to 1 teaspoon of your loved ones ashes. This pendant also comes with a matching chain and box. It also comes with instructions on how to fill the pendant and securely seal it.View this memorial jewelry. Our last pendant to look at is the Cat Cremation pendant in sterling silver. This is the figure of a very regal cat which measures ¼ wide by ¾ inches high and will hold ½ to 1 teaspoon of ashes

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