New Approach to Cremation Urns and Lucite

A new art cremation urn collection has been released by In the Light Urns. Each lucite urn has a different sculpture inside including: Horses, Eagles, Lions, Bears, Deer, Mermaids, Jesus Christ, Dolphins, Whales, and Turtles. The famous artists Dan Medina, Christopher Pardell and Kitty Cantrell of Starlight Studios are the creators of this exclusive line.

Each piece of the limited and number edition is accompanied by a signature of the artist and a certificate of authenticity. Susan Fraser, the founder of In the Light Urns said “These extraordinarily beautiful art urns have been well received by our clients. We are pleased to be introducing such high quality work to the memorial industry.”

Each urn is larger than the industry standard and stands between 14 and 19 inches tall. Tyler Fraser manager of the online cremation urn store said “These are some of the most unique cremation urns we have come across. In the Light Urns strives to be the leading force in meeting the ever-changing demands of individuals and families that have lost a loved one.”

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