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Custom cremation urns can draw a connection between the passed and their final resting place. We are pleased to have a dominant presence on the internet for custom cremation urns. We are able to provide several families with custom memorials because we constantly strive to bring families what they are looking for. Engraving a photo on wood, marble, brass and glass is  a popular method of customizing your cremation urn. Below there is a photo of a Boy Scout leader that had his photo engraved on wood. The engraving is so detailed that it is comparable to a photo. Another option for custom urns is to propose an idea that we may bring to life. One woman lost her husband and was interested in getting a large truck trailer (model size) as the urn.

There are so many ways we can customize an urn. First and foremost we can choose the right urn for your loved one. This maybe finding something that loved to do like riding a bike or playing sports and creating an urn from a item that relates to what they loved. This is common in memorializing a  loved one, we recommend that you contact the urn manufacturer or seller to get more information. The other common approach to custom urns is engraving or branding the memorial. Engraving is very popular and the quality of engraving is very fine. You can literally take a photograph and have ti engraved on a cremation urn. Also the epitaph, dates and words of sentiment can also be placed on the urn, which is very common. For all your custom cremation urn needs visit us at In the Light Urns.

Custom Cremation Urns

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  1. Is it possible to create a cremation urn that resembles a regulation bowling pin or be made from a regulation bowling pin?
    What would the cost of such a thing be?

  2. Hi Ernest, we are dedicated to helping you find the right memorial for your loved one. Lets continue this conversation privately.

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