Angel of Protection Pet Cremation Urn Testimonial

When our beloved Mandy passed, our family was not sure what the appropriate way to keep her with her family would be. We knew that we wanted to bring her home, but not the suitable way to do it. When I found this website, I knew that it was the perfect place to find what we were looking for. I am a collector of angel sculpture, so when I found this urn, I just knew that it was the perfect home, and way to honor my little angel cat. It is so beautiful that the picture does not do it justice. It is now proudly displayed in our living room with my sculptures, and she will always be home with us! Thank you so much!!

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  1. The Angel of Protection Pet Urn is quite lovely. At an affordable price, this urn is elegant and large. It holds a pet that weighed up to 60 pounds, but it also extends high above the actual compartment that holds the cremains. This item has become very popular and we at are very proud to provide such a wonderful urn.

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