Last night I was enjoying a drink at a local bar, when a friend introduced me to Evan. We entered normal conversation and began to talk about our jobs. When I mentioned that I sold cremation urns, his eyes lit up. He had been pre-planning for what lies ahead. Evan was a real pleasure to talk to, because he showed so much responsibility and as a young man, was interested in being responsible even after death.

Evan had been paying monthly for his cremation and was looking for an urn. We joked how he would look down on me after he was gone and be thankful. But the concern for taking care of your own death is very real.

When a person dies without life insurance, the family is often burdened with not only the loss of a loved one, but also the bills that come with burial or cremation. Pre-planning for these things is a great way to be sure that the burden is lightened in that time.

My discussion with Evan was enlightening. It brought real value to the pre-planning process, because Evan was young and not particularly in a bright financial position. But he still saw the importance of taking care of yourself and your responsibilities.

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  1. I think this young man is very smart. I am seeing more and more people taking responsibility for their life and death. Pre-planning is a great thing that more people should consider.

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