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As Families Opt for Cremation, Industry Expands Services, Choices

Article written by: Theresa Vargas

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, September 7, 2008; Page C01



Analysis by Tyler Fraser – 9-9-08


The cremation industry is booming, as baby boomers are getting older. Many choices are surfacing such as the ability to have remains flown to the moon or secured at the bottom of a reef. The importance of having a meaningful resting place is paramount in today’s society.


This article reports that “cost is the main reason families choose [cremation].” As a retail company, we see a huge financial benefit for families to choose cremation. While www.inthelighturns.com has several wonderful urns that retail for under $100, the average cost of a wooden casket is approximately $2,500.


In terms of the environment we see a huge benefit for cremation. Maybe not so much now, but certainly in the next 100 years; when cities like San Francisco expand on the Colma area cemeteries, so that that they take over the peninsula. England stacks three caskets under the ground at approximately 13 feet to 9 feet to 5 feet, in order to deal with space. This is a very real concern and cemetery plot will likely continue to rise in price as time goes on.  


Michael Lyon, a Clarksville funeral director, says, “Today I am finding that death care is as unique as the life lived.” This position is really showing itself in the cremation industry. And In the Light Urns dedicates itself completely to being a company that provides exactly what people are looking for. We strive for uniqueness and individualization, so that a family that lost an avid motorcycle rider can choose a Motorcycle Gas Tank urn; or a man that dedicated his life to the Boy Scouts of America®, can be appropriately remembered.


Two gentlemen from Stafford County discuss how cremains could be mixed into concrete and be used to make statues. To remember a loved one in this way is truly a wonderful idea. It solidifies a person’s existence in a very tangible way. The hour glass urns are some of the few urns that use the cremains of a loved one.


The most important topic this article touched on is a family’s freedom in remembering their loved one. They can choose one urn or five and they can choose keepsakes or a personalized urn. Cremation will excel not only because of space and cost, but also because of flexibility.


Those in the industry for years have been seeing a shift toward cremation and have expected this. In the Light Urns has a deep respect for cremation and strives constantly to be the best solution to families that have lost a loved one.

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