Trends for Funeral Homes and Cemeteries

As consumers’ preference for cremation continues to grow, and the purchasing options for items such as caskets, cremation urns, cremation jewelry angel-wing-ash-pendant_1and other Memorials products become more widely available, funeral homes and Cemeteries are finding that they had to re-position themselves in the market in order to survive in today’s economic climate. They can no longer rely on merely providing a perfunctory service. They now have to convince bereaved families that the only way to truly honor loved ones is with a professionally managed funeral and internment, which they can best provide. This is particularly important if they don’t want to miss out on what’s just coming out of first gear, in the shape of the baby boomer generation.


It’s estimated that over the next thirty years or so, the “Death Care Industry” will see a surge in business as members of the baby boomer generation pass away – provided they can adapt to cater for the individualistic tastes of this group of people. Baby Boomers Image

The long-awaited benefits of the passing of the baby boomer generation will only be reaped by those funeral providers who are willing and able to provide the alternative Celebrations of Life that the boomers are predicted to want in place of the more traditional, somber affairs.


If funeral directors are worrying that the baby boomer generation will shun their local funeral homes for the restaurants or clubs where they spent most of their lives, then they need to consider how they can persuade clients and prospective clients that a funeral service is more than a just a farewell party. A funeral is an integral part of the grieving process and can help those left behind to deal with the passing of a life and move on. A funeral can also provide a degree of closure for loved ones and as such needs to be handled appropriately. That doesn’t necessarily mean in hushed, darkened rooms by somber-looking men in black, but rather in a way that recognizes and understands how to deal with family factions and intense emotions, both of which, understandably, are likely to surface immediately following a bereavement.


Salespeople in today’s industries are all trying to position themselves as trusted counselors. Insurance agents, financial advisors, and even computer systems vendors all want to be regarded as being able to provide valuable counsel. But funeral providers are already experts in this field. They have experience of providing professional, sound, and comforting counsel at one of the most traumatic times in a person’s life. And it’s this aspect of their business that they can capitalize on and use as a foundation on which to succeed.Baby Boomer Funeral Trends


However, while the value of providing such counsel shouldn’t be underestimated, it’s important that funeral providers also show that they’re willing to change if they want to reap the potential business benefits the passing of the baby boomers is predicted to generate. That means moving away from the stark, dimly lit funeral parlors of yesteryear to an environment that conveys an atmosphere of flexibility and accommodation. Many funerals nowadays involve the use of visual and audio equipment, and funeral directors will have to be able to provide this type of multi-media event to their clients, particularly as the members of the baby boomer generation are expected to want to go out as they’ve lived: By spending top-dollar on themselves in order to proclaim their individuality.


For a funeral business in today’s climate, the ability to offer tried and trusted counsel is the best of all foundations from which to market its services. Add a little flexibility and the willingness and capability to meet tomorrow’s demands and the future needn’t look so bleak.




Veterans being Honored November 11th Each Year.

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th each year; however, there was a time when the celebration was held in October. This holiday has a history of name and date changes dating from 1919 until present day. The purpose of celebration was originally to honor the living veterans from the “Great War,” standing for World War I.

• June 28, 1919 – Treaty of Versailles signed in France formally ending
World War I

• November 1919 – President Wilson proclaimed November 11th as the first commemoration of Armistice Day

• June 4, 1926 – United States Congress officially recognized the end of World
War I with a resolution

• 1921 – Congress established the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery

• May 13, 1938 – Became the official holiday known as Armistice Day to honor the Veterans of World War I.

• 1954 – 83rd Congress amended the bill for Armistice Day making the day known as Veterans Day and including the veterans from World War I, World War II, and the Korean War as well as veterans from all wars.

• 1968 – Congress passed the Monday Holiday Law establishing the fourth Monday in October as the first date for Veterans Day (

• 1968 – Uniform Holiday Bill passed ensuring a three day weekend for all federal employees for 4 national holidays: Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Columbus Day

• 1975 – Due to popular demand, Congress returned the date to November 11th each year

Today, the 1975 change to the celebration date has remained the same, November 11th. Celebrations occur throughout the nation in the form of parades and other events. Washington D. C. celebrates at Arlington Cemetery with the Color Guard representing all military branches at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier executing the “Present Arms” before the President lays the Presidential Wreath on the Tomb followed by a bugler playing Taps.

Airplane Safe Cremation Urns

Urn in BaggaeLosing a loved one is painful enough without having to deal with the added stress of airline travel. It is a reality that you may have to face with so many families scattered throughout the country and beyond the continent. Other times, loved ones request to be scattered in a particular location of special significance that may be a far distance from where you live. Fortunately, the TSA is understands these matters and permits air travel with a cremation urn. There are a few guidelines that you need to know in advance that will make your experience that much smoother and less worrisome.

Carry-On Baggage
Travelers are permitted to bring a cremation urn as part of their carry-on luggage, but the container must be screened through X-ray security like the rest of their possessions. If the urns made of metal or another material that prevents the security team from clearly viewing its contents, then the urn will not be cleared through the security checkpoint. If this is the case, the TSA suggests purchasing a temporary crematory container made of a lighter weight material such as wood or plastic that can be successfully screened.

Checked Baggage
An urn may be checked with baggage as long as it is properly screened. The urn will be screened for explosive materials using a variety of standard, and respectful, techniques. Once cleared, the urn will be approved as checked baggage. Please note that some airlines do not allow cremated remains as checked baggage so make sure to check with your carrier before embarking on your air travel journey.

Additional Urn Travel Facts
• Out of respect to the deceased and their family and friends, under no circumstances will a screener open the container, even if the passenger requests this be done.
• Documentation from the funeral home is not sufficient to carry a crematory container through security and onto a plane without screening.

Please check with your air carrier about other restrictions that may apply.

Facts and guidelines provided by the Transportation Security Administration. For more information on flying with a cremation urn, please visit Transporting Cremated Remains or

Small Urns Make Heartfelt Statements

Little urns are small scale versions of more traditional sized urns, designed to be tokens of affection and symbols of remembrance that several family members can share. These small cremation urns are designed to house a small amount of cremains, lock or hair or other cherished item, so the memory of the departed can live on in several places and remain with all who loved him or her. They are ideal for distributing ashes of a loved one across great distances and among several close family members or friends.  There are many styles and options available, and each person can choose the one that means the most to them.

Small Brass Urns
Smallature replicas of classic style brass urns make a lovely gift for families to share. Brass urns are highly durable, non-degradable and can last for hundreds of years without a change in appearance, creating a lasting family heirloom for generations.

Music Box Urns
Music box urns are thoughtful keepsakes that hold a small amount of cremains or a lock of hair. These warm, sentimental keepsakes play touching tunes such as Amazing Grace or Unchained Melody and can be personalized with a photo or favorite phrase to create a lasting memento.

Angel or Fairy Keepsake Urns
Hand designed tiny porcelain angles or fairies look nothing like traditional urns and create lovely, lasting keepsakes. These sweet creatures will make you smile as you recall fond memories of your loved one.

Small Sports Wooden Keepsake Urns
Beautiful handmade wooden urns can be customized with your loved ones favorite sports icons such as golf, tennis, soccer or football and engraved with a personal plate. These small urns are complementary to full size urns of the same style and allow several family members to share similar tributes to someone they love.

Small UrnSmall Heart Shaped Urns
Heart shaped urns that fit in the palm of your hand create a heartfelt and sentimental statement. These small keepsake urns can be filled with a loved one’s cremains, crushed flowers or lock of hair to create a loving memento. They also make profound gifts for family members.

Jewelry Keepsake Urns
Jewelry keepsakes are the tiniest, yet most deeply personal urns of all. These treasures come in necklaces of varying styles such as lockets, pendants and crosses that are filled with small portions of a loved one’s cremains, worn close to the heart. Jewelry pendants can also be displayed in small glass and wood cases to be kept at a bedside or other special place of remembrance.

Although small in size, these urns hold the same, if not greater, meaning…honoring the memory of a loved one. These keepsakes allow many people to share in the memories, paying tribute to the life and legacy of someone they all loved.

Jewel-Style Keepsake Urn Necklaces

keepsake jewelryExpressing yourself after the loss of a loved one can be difficult. Jewel-style keepsake urn necklaces give you the chance to adorn your exterior with the shining memories of your lost loved one. Not only are these urn keepsake necklaces functional, but their brilliance represents the vibrant personality that once lit up your life. Glittering stones like amethyst, crystal, cubic zirconium, mother of pearl, black onyx and even created diamonds set in lovely designs allow you to carry your loved one with you always. These gorgeous necklaces come in high-quality materials such as gold vermeil and silver and allow you to choose the style that best suits your personal tastes.

According to ancient Egyptian belief, the wearer of amethyst is protected against guilt and fearful feelings. It is a comforting thought to know that an amethyst keepsake urn pendant will not only allow you to carry your loved one with you wherever you go, but also have the notions of antiquity that you are being shielded from negative emotions. The amethyst keepsake pendant urn comes in gold vermeil and silver, so you can match it to whatever precious metal inhabits your jewelry box.

Healing, wisdom, clarity of thought, positive thoughts, harmony, and love are all said to be promoted by wearing a crystal. Their healing power has been appreciated by Hindus, indigenous Australians, Mayas, and Native American tribes. Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystal or not, their iridescent beauty is undeniable to the beholder. This clear option will allow cremains to be subtly visible inside of the pendant. The crystal is accented by a silver chain, and one model is accented with aqua crystal beads.

Cubic Zirconium
It has been said that cubic zirconium brings happiness, strength, energy, and promotes sounds sleep. When enduring the emotionally and physically draining experience of losing a loved one, these aforementioned benefits may be of assistance in the grieving process. Stylish and sophisticated designs like hearts, swirls, wheels and crosses allow the wearer to reflect his or her own personal style while simultaneously honoring the deceased.

Mother of Pearl
Oriental traditions and Chinese culture point to mother of pearl as being a source of prosperity and luck. It is a comforting thought to believe that carrying your loved one with you in a mother of pearl keepsake urn pendant will bring you good fortune by keeping him or her in your daily life. This opalescent material reflects light and color to create an ever-changing range of pigments. You can express your individuality with classic charms such as butterflies, dragonflies, crosses, palm trees, hearts and crosses.

Black Onyx
Perhaps the most appropriate stone for memorial jewelry is black onyx. This stone is said to be ideal for assisting in the process of letting go while keeping your mind focused and on-task. The deep, rich beauty of this black stone sharply contrasts with the glimmering finishes of silver or gold vermeil that are used to encase it, resulting in an exquisite look.

We can all agree with Robert Ludlum when he said, “The most precious jewels are not made from stone, but from flesh.” However, these stones can help keep the memory of a lost loved one alive in a small, glimmering symbol of the dearly departed. With hope, a jewel-style keepsake urn necklace can serve to assist in the healing process, and remain a treasured family heirloom for generations to come.

Customizing A Cremation Urn

When choosing a cremation urn, everyone wants to find a beautiful memorial that celebrates the life of his or her loved one. Engraved Urns

You want an urn as unique as your loved one, and while it can be difficult to find an urn that lives up to this goal, customizing the urn can help to set it apart and make it a fitting resting place that showcases the personality of the departed.

Engraved and Inscribed Urns

One of the simplest ways to customize an urn is to get professional engraving, preferably from the company that sells the urn. Funeral urn companies tend to be familiar with the different materials for urns and have a better idea of how to set an attractive inscription or engraved picture on their materials than a third-party engraver. This ensures a consistent look and an accurate reproduction of text or a picture, regardless of the urn’s material or other qualities.

Most urns can be engraved quickly, as engraved urns are a popular option among the bereaved for creating a unique tribute to the departed. A tasteful inscription can add to the beauty of a person’s final resting place and carry on their memory. Families can show the humor or the wisdom of a loved one with the right quote or summarize the impact that the departed had on the lives around him or her.

Choosing an Engraving

There’s no wrong inscription for an urn, as long as the material and size of the inscription is taken into consideration. A quote from the departed, a favorite passage from a book or Bible, or a simple line describing the departed can make an urn a fitting tribute. Some urn companies can also engrave a picture, either of the departed or of something significant in the person’s life, depending on the urn. A picture effectively customizes an urn and can look especially beautiful when set in bronze or another fine metal.

Customized Urn Designs

Urns are available in a wide variety of designs, and many family members decide to match their urn choice with the hobbies, career or interests of the departed. Theme urns can also be combined with an inscription to show part of a loved one’s personality and to celebrate what was most important to him or her.

For example, sports urns can be a great choice for an athlete or a lifelong fan, either with a simple design that represents the sport or an engraving of a team logo. A great inscription could be a memorable quote from the departed, either related or unrelated to the theme of the urn.

Cremation urns are available for music lovers, sports lovers and others in tasteful options that show some aspect of your loved one’s life. Urn for ashes materials include wood, glass and metals, which provide different visual qualities for a memorial.

An urn can be a delicate symbol that provides immense comfort in a very trying time. Its purpose isn’t just to hold the remains of a loved one; it’s a loving way to keep their memory close. Customizing an urn with different materials, designs and engraving is an excellent way to create a beautiful memorial with the quality and unique appearance necessary to help loved ones through a difficult part of life.

Using Flowers To Decorate A Cremation Urn

flower-arrangement-urnFlowers brighten up a room no matter what form they take. They can be real ones in a vase, silk flowers in a jar, or flowers gracing an urn. True, it may seem a little strange to talk about flowers on an urn; but the sad reality is, death is a part of life, and what we do with our bodies in death is something we have to deal with while we are alive. More and more frequently, people are opting to have themselves cremated instead of buried for various reasons. So, why have cremains sitting in a plain wooden box or in a dull bronze urn on a shelf? Using an urn that is decorated with flowers puts a positive spin on its symbolization, one that cancels out the contents within. However, flowers mean so much more than an accent.

Throughout our lives we find that flowers play an important role. They are given as gifts for a special occasion, sometimes to say “I love you,” marking a special moment in life, and simply just because. A bouquet, however, goes beyond making a statement. Flowers are traditionally associated with femininity – they are delicate and beautiful, but harbor a hidden strength. Naming our female children after flowers reinforces this association with femininity, and placing the cremains of a dear female relative into an urn with a floral design keeps this tradition solidly associated with women.

Looking in from the outside, keeping someone’s ashes on the shelf can seem a bit peculiar. It has become a meme that appears time and time again in films, usually used as part of a story in a comedy. It truly is time to put a different spin on the idea of keeping someone’s ashes in an urn. In The Light Urns has brought memorial displays into a new era with styles that reflect the living personality of the deceased. Celebrate the deceased’s life with a work of art as a repository. Unique urns offer a positive way to change how we view safekeeping the cremains of a loved one.

Modern society has a tendency to keep death at arm’s length as we embrace longer life spans and benefit from advances in medicine. It makes us uncomfortable and the subject gets swept under the rug. As we age, we have to become practical and start thinking about what is going to happen to our physical selves after we pass. Then, there comes the time when observing the wishes of a close relation have to be carried out. As mentioned before, cremation is becoming a popular option. Urns that break the mold have come onto the market to bring the concept into a new realm.

Think about this: cremation offers something that burial cannot. We can keep our loved ones with us in a form that can bring comfort. There is no grave site that requires planning a visit to and graveyards are not always a pleasant place to visit. In The Light Urns offers the opportunity to personalize the urn in a way that brings a smile instead of tears. We want to remember our loved ones in happy times. Using an urn that turns a delicate matter into a light hearted, positive conversation piece can put relatives and friends at ease when honoring and reflecting upon the lost life of a loved one.

Funeral Advice Mobile Application

Funeral AdviceWe are giving away a free iPhone 4 to one reviewer of our mobile application Funeral Advice.

Learn More about Funeral Advice

In the Light Urns has released a mobile that application that helps families during their time of loss. The application is filled with information about losing a loved one and provides a great deal of insight to the inner workings of the funeral industry. After losing a loved one it can difficult to make all the funeral decisions. Many times, families will choose someone with funeral experience, that has lost a loved one and has been part of planning a funeral. But if you have not been part of planning a funeral, the amount of choices and information is great and a little help is very nice. So In the Light Urns has created a mobile application on Android and the iPhone that helps with these difficult choices.

The application includes steps that should be taken after losing a loved one such as: contacting everyone and meeting. Funeral Advice also gives general funeral information, which can be helpful when making choices such as planning green burial or cremation. There are some general funeral etiquette questions that people may have and that is discussed in At the Funeral. Several common phrases of sympathy are listed that give you well constructed statements that can help communicate your feelings. Also included in Funeral Advice is two short films that illustrate Funeral Celebrations and Green Burial. These films capture some of the industry leaders’ instruction and advice. Joe Sehee of the Green Burial Council talks about what is green burial and Glenda Stansbury from Insight Books discusses Funeral Celebrants. These videos give a concise and clear description of each subject and are very helpful to view before planning a funeral. And after learning about funerals, there is also a shop to find pricing on caskets and urns.

It’s very important to help families that have lost a loved one and we work hard to ensure that we are bringing a great deal of value to our customers and community. Our goal at In the Light Urns is to help you after losing a loved one. In order to do that we must continue to provide excellent products and services to our customers. Launching this mobile application is an initiative to continue to be a leading provider of information to familes that have lost a loved one and also fulfilling our commitment to help those in need. Our values make it very important to us to do all we can to help. We are dedicated to families and our industry and take great reverence in our work. Working hard to be a pillar for your during a time loss In the Light Urns will continue to provide excellent and complimentary information about funerals and cremation.

We have chosen to provide application free of charge, so that it can help as many people as possible. Written by funeral professional and host of Funeral Director’s Chat Nancy Burban, Funeral Advice has a great deal of important information. We are very pleased with the launch of this mobile application and encourage you to download it. Also if you review the application, you are eligible to win a new iPhone. Currently the application has five stars on the iPhone after 10 reviews. There are few reviews and chances of winning the iPhone are not bad, so review the Funeral Advice application now.

Photo Engraved Urns Add a Personalized Touch

Photo engraved urns are gaining popularity as more people today choose cremation.  This is especially true when loved ones are planning to put the urn on display in their home, office, or even a private area.  Photo engraved urns add a personal touch and sentimental value; each time you view the urn of the deceased, you will be reminded of the love you shared and the good times that were enjoyed.

All urns are beautiful; some people choose to bury their loved ones urn, some choose scattering urns if the deceased expressed their wishes to be scattered in an area they particularly enjoyed or spent a lot of time at, such as a lake or mountain.  Those who choose to keep the memorial in their home may choose photo engraved urns, simply because they are beautiful and have deep meaning.

There are two ways in which photo engraved urns are created.  A printed picture may be displayed on the urn with a frame, or it can be engraved in to the surface.  Typically, this process can be done on an urn that is crafted of marble, wood or brass and the results are exquisite.  There is something very special and heart-felt about having a loved ones picture engraved on an urn, and it often helps loved ones keep an image in mind of a time when their loved one was vibrant and healthy.

Those who choose photo engraved urns can rest assured that the results will be exquisite as skilled craftsmen engage in custom creations every day.  When you want something out of the ordinary to memorialize a loved one, there is quite simply nothing that rivals an urn with a photo on it.

Nothing can bring a loved one back, and while the pain of losing someone you love is always there, it does subside a bit over time.  For some, photo engraved urns serve as a constant reminder of a loved one who has gone on; they may also help in beginning the healing process, so that in the future as you reflect on the departed you can do so with peace in your heart.